Our Customers

Trusted by hundreds of customers from all over the world

“Moving to Logz.io allowed us to not worry about scale and know that we could scale if we needed to and leave it in the hands of the experts as opposed to having our own staff maintain our own logging solution”

Dave Lemair, Software Development Director

“The expertise Logz.io brought to our business was running the ELK Stack. We wanted to save our engineering resources for improving the company’s product and not maintaining a logging system. Logz.io enabled us to do just this.”

Joe Miller, Lead System Engineer

“Logz.io is much more than a log management system, it’s a window into production. I would definitely recommend Logz.io to any of my colleagues.”

Erez Lotan, Director of R&D

“Logz.io is easy to use and took us a day to implement. The benefits that Logz.io provides within the product are phenomenal”.

Kash Law, Senior DevOps Engineer

“Cognitive Insights gave us the confidence that we will be able to detect future anomalies with Logz.io ”

Troy Washburn,
Senior DevOps Manager

“Logz.io helps give us a much more accurate picture and enables us to provide our customers with higher responsiveness and increased ability to resolve issues.”

Lian Yagoda,
Customer Support Engineer

“We ran ELK internally for quite some time with all the overhead of the maintenance. Logz.io enables us to focus on our growing business and know that our logging solution is always there. From my point it’s perfect.”

Nagi Letaifa,
Tech Lead

“Logz.io not only allowed us to scale our ELK deployment needs but also to leverage their enterprise-grade features and extract business value from analyzing data from all parts of our organization.”

Dave Lemaire,
Sr. Director of Technology Operations

“Logz.io transformed the way we work, every developer in Soluto now can see how his code is performing in production and is able to react quickly in our dynamic environment.”

Or Yagel,
Technical Support Manager

“I’m immensely satisfied with the product and much happier than I was when I ran ELK internally. I’ve been a customer of Logz.io for a very long time, and their platform has become an integral part of our system״

Vitaly Gorodetsky,
Chief Engineer Infrastructure
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