Why Logz.io?

There are hundreds of monitoring,
observability, and security solutions out
there. See why our customers chose Logz.io.
Why Logz.io?

Why customers love Logz.io

Intelligent insights that measurably improve performance

Logz.io’s out-of-the-box integrations, data processing, AI, storage, and unified observability dashboards provide full visibility into your stack in minutes. With single-pane-of-glass views of unified telemetry data, get the precise insights needed to improve system health, performance, and security.

Time & cost efficient at any scale

Observability and security becomes burdensome and expensive as data volumes explode. Logz.io’s SaaS platform automatically manages the entire data infrastructure at any scale to save you time, while making it easy to filter out unneeded data to reduce your costs.

Open source centricity and accelerated Kubernetes adoption

Logz.io’s platform is built on top of the most popular open source observability technologies – including Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, and OpenSearch – making it easy to embrace these cutting edge cloud-native tools. With closer alignment to CNCF technologies, you can accelerate your transition to Kubernetes and cloud-native.

What makes Logz.io different?

Simplified Observability,
Powered By Open Source

Unify log, metric, and trace analytics
on Logz.io’s SaaS platform – built on
top of the world’s most popular open
source monitoring technologies.

Easily Reduce Data
Volumes And Costs

Reduce costs by easily filtering
out unneeded data and optimizing
storage with Data Optimization

Rapid Data Analysis And

Monitor your entire stack and drill
into issues with unique ML
and correlated log, metric, and trace
data analytics.

Management And Security

Get a single place to manage
data volumes, costs, user
permissions, and security
policies across teams.

AI That Accelerates and
Informs Investigation

Observability IQ™AI enables
every user to work smarter
and converse naturally with
their data.

Immediate 24/7

Speak to a Logz.io Engineer
(40 sec avg response time)
anytime for help implementing
best practices or solving
technical challenges.

Unify and simplify observability with
Logz.io’s open source-powered platform

  • Effortless deployment, management, and scaling: Logz.io’s cloud-native SaaS platform handles the entire data infrastructure – saving you time and resources.
  • Go from zero to full observability in minutes: use out-of-the-box integrations and dashboards to begin monitoring with minimal configuration.
  • A single-pane-of-glass to reduce MTTR: Analyze your logs, metrics, traces, and security events together to get the whole picture of production in a single view.
  • Stay on the cutting edge of open source innovation: Logz.io is built on top of the world’s most popular open source tools that promise interoperability with evolving cloud landscapes.
Unify and simplify observability with <br />
Logz.io’s open source-powered platform

Remove noisy data and reduce storage costs

  • Easily filter out unneeded data to reduce costs: Data Optimization Hub provides a single interface to control the flow of data into Logz.io – the average customer reduces costs by 32%.
  • Optimize storage to reduce costs: To reduce the cost of log storage, convert logs to metrics or store logs in S3 or Azure Blob, which can be reingested into Logz.io any time.
  • Monitor and control costs per team: Monitor data volumes per team and set caps to prevent data bursts from running up your bill.

Rapid data analysis to troubleshoot production faster

  • Analyze and correlate across logs, metrics, and traces: Drill into the root cause of production issues by correlating all your telemetry data in one place.
  • Flexible data visualization: Use extensive visualization options to build interactive dashboards that explain the current status of your system.
  • ML-powered anomaly detection and investigation: Logz.io’s ML automatically surfaces the critical data needed to identify and troubleshoot issues.
  • Real-time alerting: Automatically surface production issues with threshold-based alerts that send notifications to Slack, Email, PagerDuty, and other endpoints.

Easily and securely implement observability across large organizations

  • Data segregation and Role-Based Access Control (RBAC): create Logz.io Sub Accounts to segregate data across teams – control user access to different data sets with RBAC.
  • One place to manage data and teams: control user permissions, data volumes, costs, and security policies for every team in a single view.
  • A secure and compliant platform for all your data: Logz.io offers PII masking and is compliant with key data security standards like SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.
Easily and securely implement observability across large organizations

Automate investigations and root-cause analysis

  • Gain unparalleled understanding of your systems, automating repetitive, time-consuming tasks — from writing queries to performing contextual analysis
  • Dynamically detect and alert on issues occurring within specific services to immediately uncover problems affecting the most critical application dependencies
  • Identify the fastest path to resolution and drive down Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR) based on proven response steps carried out by human experts
Automate investigations and root-cause analysis

Customer support that extends your team’s expertise

  • Get help implementing best practices and overcoming technical roadblocks: including sending data, setting up dashboards or alerts, and other tasks.
  • Parsing-as-a-service: Get your log and security data parsed by Logz.io engineers in minutes.
  • Speak with someone in 40 secs: Talk to a Logz.io engineer by simply clicking on the chat button within the product – with a median response time of 40 seconds!
  • All at no extra cost.
Customer support that extends your team’s expertise-1
Our relationship with Logz.io support is extremely transparent. Tickets are always being shared and there’s always a follow up from the account manager to make sure that our issues have been taken care of. This provides a good sense of ease when trying to reach out to support for any queries we may have.
Manish Sejpal
DevOps Engineer, Bambora
Logz.io has the best support I’ve encountered in this arena, from initial proof-of-concept discussions onward.
Nathaniel E
Any time I get stuck I have an instant way to communicate with support. They are immediately responsive, and even get back within a few minutes no matter what timezone or time of night I send a message.
Milan S
Logz.io is a great tool for analyzing logs...but the special thing is the support. Any time I had an issue, even if I needed help with regex expressions, the support chat helped me with understanding and patience, and was very fast.
Zaken Gal
Big Data Engineer, Skai

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