Zippi Stays on the Money with Full Observability using Open 360™

Zippi Stays on the Money with Full Observability using Open 360™Zippi Stays on the Money with Full Observability using Open 360™ Zippi Stays on the Money with Full Observability using Open 360™Zippi Stays on the Money with Full Observability using Open 360™
"Now we can solve customers' problems and debug our systems much faster."
Renan Veras
Software Engineer
São Paulo, Brazil

Zippi is a Brazilian financial services company serving gig workers and small businesses, who they refer to as “microentrepreneurs.” They’re a fast-moving business model that provides short term, microfinance loans and it’s critical for the company’s infrastructure to stay up and running at full speeds at all times. 

According to Renan Veras, Software Engineer for Zippi, observability provides a critical window into their services, and the company demands a platform that always works in real time.

Zippi’s Needs for Fast, Reliable, Efficient Observability

Generally, Zippi handles hundreds of thousands of transactions per day, with a large peak in activity occurring at the beginning of every week as clients seek their funds. As such, Renan says the business has distinct requirements to keep detailed, real-time visibility into their infrastructure, applications and performance.

At the same time, Zippi operates on a lean IT operation and needs to maximize their human and technical resources by employing automation wherever possible to support critical business and observability functions.

When choosing an observability platform, familiarity with open source platforms such as OpenSearch and Grafana played a role in their decision-making. Additionally, as a startup needing to minimize expenses, pricing served as a major sticking point for Renan and his team. Zippi wanted to embrace and pay for precisely the level of observability platform capabilities and data they needed, and nothing else.

“Paying a high price for features that we would only utilize 10% of didn’t align with our budget-conscious approach,” Renan says.

Why is the Right Observability Fit for Zippi

As a result of their search, the company found as a willing partner in meeting all of their business, process and technical needs. In choosing’s Open 360™ observability and SIEM capabilities, Zippi appreciated the option of purchasing a product with a lower initial cost and scaling up the platform utilization as requirements grew.

By moving from basic logging using multiple tools to engaging’s Log Management features, Renan said Zippi now maintains greater visibility into key performance indicators, greatly easing debugging, and increasing the speed of response to emerging issues through alerting. Zippi’s previous solution made this work tedious and manual.

“We couldn’t do any analysis at all,” Renan said of its former approach. “ has helped us a lot to understand what was happening with our system. We didn’t know what was happening before and now we can solve customers’ problems and debug our systems much faster.”

Next, Zippi moved their metrics solution from AWS CloudWatch into’s Infrastructure Monitoring and Open 360 observability platform. While AWS was a great start for Zippi in this area, provided a full solution. 

“With, we could build better dashboards and analyze metrics,” Renan says, adding the Zippi team benefits greatly from using a unified view for logs and metrics to diagnose infrastructure and application-related issues. This was something they could not get from the AWS solution alone.’s Open 360 observability platform has made a world of difference for Zippi as they move their practices to a more mature stage.

“ helps us spend much less time on investigations,” Renan says. Previously, when searching for logs on platforms like AWS, the process was time-consuming and inefficient, involving sifting through numerous files and navigating subpar logging solutions. 

In contrast, offers a unified and streamlined logging experience, consolidating all logs in a single location.

“’s alerting feature has been invaluable in identifying and addressing issues promptly. It has eliminated the need for extensive debugging and provided clarity on what needs to be fixed,” Renan says.

For future expansion possibilities, Zippi is considering the adoption of’s tracing capabilities as a way to unify logs, metrics and tracing all in one place while reducing its reliance on traditional APM tooling.

How Cloud SIEM Helps Zippi Stay Secure

Zippi has also benefited from utilizing the Cloud SIEM for threat detection and investigation capabilities. Before using, the team at Zippi tended to be more reactive to issues through customer reports as opposed to enabling a more proactive approach based on automated alerting. The previous approach would also sometimes result in it taking days to resolve issues.

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