The Cloud-Native
Observability Platform

Monitor the health and performance of modern infrastructure and applications, at any scale.

High-powered open source monitoring tools unified on a scalable SaaS platform


Based on the ELK Stack

Automatically parse and index your logs for analysis at any scale on our fully managed ELK Stack.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Based on Prometheus

Collect, store, and analyze metrics on Prometheus without worrying about the back-end.

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Based on the ELK Stack

Our SIEM is based on Kibana — fully instrumented to detect and investigate security threats.

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Based on Jaeger

Trace your application requests to isolate problems and bottlenecks with our managed Jaeger.

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Monitor any stack at any scale is based on the most popular monitoring technologies in the world, which easily integrate with today’s cloud environments.

aws azure google_cloud kube docker redis kafka node

Investigate data in context with Unified Dashboards

Visualize and search your logs, metrics, and traces side-by-side.

  • Add Unified Filters and zoom into time frames to narrow down all your data at once.
  • Correlate your logs, metrics, and traces to quickly gather all relevant information during investigations.
  • automatically creates searchable variables across different data sources and types.

Stay notified of changes in your system & quickly see what caused them

  • Set alerts to trigger notifications when latency, errors, resource usage, and other signals pass thresholds.
  • Find a problem? Find the root cause immediately by pulling up the related logs or traces with a click.
  • Correlate changes in production with recent deployments to quickly roll back problematic code or configs.

Step up your monitoring visualizations & dashboards

  • Choose from a variety of visualization options to quickly set up customized monitoring dashboards.
  • Correlate site reliability metrics (like latency, errors, traffic) with business metrics (like logins, checkouts, order size).
  • Adjust filters and drag-and-drop across visualzations to zoom into the relevant data.

High-performance log analytics at any scale

Centralize, search, and visualize all your logs to debug issues faster.

  • Intuitive search filters makes log search quicker than ever. No query language needed.
  • Log Patterns clusters similar logs into groups so you can scan through your logs in seconds.
  • Insights surfaces errors and exceptions that could otherwise get lost in the noise with supervised ML.

Visualize requests across your microservices

End-to-end Distributed Tracing shows your entire distributed architecture and where the bottlenecks are:

  • Map requests as they flow through your microservices to easily spot latency and other bottlenecks.
  • Compare traces to see how your service operations change over time.
  • Consolidate traces to see larger trends in request duration and other signals.

2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant for Application Performance Monitoring and Observability
Forrester Observability Snapshot.