The Cloud-Native Observability Platform

Monitor your stack with the open source monitoring tools DevOps teams actually want to use. All without the costs and overhead at scale.

The best-of-breed open source monitoring tools unified on a fully managed SaaS platform


Based on the ELK Stack

Automatically parse and index your logs for analysis at any scale on our fully managed ELK Stack.

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Infrastructure Monitoring

Based on Prometheus

Collect, store, and analyze metrics on Prometheus without worrying about the back-end.

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Based on the ELK Stack

Our SIEM is based on Kibana — fully instrumented to detect and investigate security threats.

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Based on Jaeger

Trace your application requests to isolate problems and bottlenecks with our managed Jaeger.

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Get started quickly

Easily begin sending logs, metrics, and traces to with open source technologies like Filebeat, FluentD, Metricbeat, and OpenTracing or pre-built integrations with cloud providers.

Migrate from your ELK Stack to ours in 5 simple steps

Quickly find the root cause

This dashboard shows a spike in Memory metrics – which indicates a problem, but doesn’t explain the root-cause. By hitting ‘Explore in Kibana’, users can immediately diagnose the issue by seeing the logs associated with the metrics. That’s the power of data correlation.

Surface critical issues with AI

Surface critical logs that indicate known problems with human-coached AI that cross references your logs with the collective experience of thousands of engineers.

Stay notified of production issues

Alerting should be customizable for your workflows. With, easily configure alerts for any data (logs, metrics, or traces), looking at any combination of queries, and send notifications to any endpoint.


Try our platform with a 14-day free trial. We provide easy integrations and pre-built dashboards to help you hit the ground running in mins.

Don’t believe us?

Don’t take it from us. Take it from our customers.

"The expertise brought to our business was running the ELK Stack. We wanted to save our engineering resources for improving the company’s product and not maintaining a logging system. enabled us to do just this.”

Joe Miller Pantheon

Don’t believe us?

Don’t take it from us. Take it from our customers.

“ is much more than a log management system, it’s a window into production. I would definitely recommend to any of my colleagues.”

Anton Drukh Snyk

Don’t believe us?

Don’t take it from us. Take it from our customers.

"We wanted to focus the development on developing the solution, and not developing and maintaining on the system operations level with any additional tooling. fit directly with the set-up we wanted."

Stefan Mussato Dormakaba