Simplify Open Source Observability Adoption & Scaling’s SaaS Platform is built around popular open source
monitoring tools like OpenSearch (the open source version of
), Prometheus, and OpenTelemetry – delivering an

enhanced open source observability experience, including:

Unified Visibility
Unified Visibility
Unify your logs, metrics, and
traces for side-by-side data
analytics with leading open
source technologies.
Zero-Maintenance, <br />
any Scale
any Scale enables effortless
deployment, management,
and scaling - saving time-
consuming maintenance.
Reduced Noisy <br />
Data and Costs
Reduced Noisy
Data and Costs
Remove noisy data with
self service tools or
hands-on assistance.
Faster <br />
Troubleshooting adds alerting and
analytics to accelerate
Secure<br />
Implementation provides security
controls needed to gain
compliance with key standards.

Unified visibility

  • Get the full picture: By unifying the best open source on a single platform, users can analyze their logs, metrics, and traces in a single-pane-of-glass.
  • Correlate your data: Correlate across your data to drill into the root cause of production issues quickly and with context.
  • Easy and fast migration: Use existing deployments (or new ones) of Prometheus, OpenTelemetry, Filebeat, FluentBit, Telegraph and other OSS tools to begin streaming data to
Unified visibility

A zero-maintenance open
source experience with’s SaaS platform

  • Save time on data pipeline and cluster maintenance: handles the uptime and performance of your observability stack, so you don’t have to.
  • Use familiar tooling: Use the most popular and familiar open source technologies in the world – without managing them yourself.
  • Consistent reliability and high performance at any scale: Any scale, any burst,’s enterprise-tested cloud service is always up.
A zero-maintenance open <br />
source experience with <br />’s SaaS platform

Noisy data and cost reduction

  • Eliminate the noise: Easily identify and filter out unneeded data on the fly with self-service tools and/or hands-on expertise from engineers.
  • Optimize storage to reduce costs: Reduce the cost of data storage as it ages without compromising on querying performance with Smart Tiering.
  • Monitor data usage and costs: Easily monitor data volumes across teams to find trends and opportunities for cost reduction. Set caps to prevent bursty data from running up your bill.
Noisy data and cost reduction

Learn how Dish Network removed 62% of their

observability data by filtering out the noise.

Accelerate troubleshooting
with analytics adds
to the open source

  • Automatically surface errors and exceptions:’s human-coached ML identifies common errors and exceptions that have raised flags for real engineers.
  • Pattern recognition: Scan through all your log data quickly by clustering similar logs into groups – turning millions of log lines into tens.
  • Real-time alerting: Automatically surface production issues with threshold-based alerts that send notifications to Slack, PagerDuty, and other endpoints.
  • Use existing open source dashboards: Migrate existing Kibana and Grafana dashboards.

Securely implement
observability across
large organizations

  • Role-Based Access Control: Segregate data and teams across separate Sub Accounts and assign user permissions with RBAC to control user access to data.
  • A single, compliant platform for all your data: is compliant with key data security standards such as SOC2, PCI, HIPAA, and GDPR.
  • Learn how the Siemens Observability Team simplified compliance efforts using data segregation and RBAC.
Securely implement <br />
observability across <br />
large organizations

The Primary Account manages user permissions

for Sub Accounts dedicated to specific teams.

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