How AllCloud and Have Built a Successful Cloud Partnership

Industry: Information Technology and Services

Company Size: 201-500

Founded: 2015

HQ: Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel Products: Log Management

Company Profile: Cloud Services

Cloud Infrastructure: AWS

AllCloud has embarked on a mission to accelerate its customers’ growth by transforming their cloud journey, supported by cutting-edge technologies, seamless delivery and constant innovation.

AllCloud is an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Audited Managed Service Partner. The company is a global leader in cloud migration, deployment and operations across all segments from startups and SMBs to large enterprises.   

The need for enterprise log analytics

Working with multiple customers in diverse geographical locations, AllCloud has had to increasingly address its customers’ needs for an effective, scalable and secure log analytics solution backed by new AI technologies. AllCloud works with its customers on strategic cloud projects with the end goal of creating more efficient IT processes and ultimately increasing operational excellence.

After researching the market, AllCloud arrived to the conclusion that an intelligent log analytics platform which offers ELK- as-a-Service is prefered by most customers, as it allows them to leverage benefits of the open source community while simultaneously receiving a more complete solution.

A lot of customers approach AllCloud with similar challenges: migrating from manual logging procedures to automatic and central logging, manually SSH-ing into multiple servers, and searching huge log files for the relevant information, which is a extremely inefficient and time-consuming task.

Some of AllCloud customers offer business-critical services of their own and require high availability, security and reliability, so it is clear that integrating a managed and enterprise-grade log analysis service is the right solution for optimal performance.

Easy integration and onboarding

Other than being based on the widely popular ELK Stack, the main advantage of choosing is the simplicity of their platform and the fact that it offers users a suite of advanced features that augment ELK into an enterprise log analytics solution.’s integrations make it easy for AllCloud to assist its customers in setting up logging pipelines. Filebeat, for example, is used using a simple generic configuration. Searching for logs has become as simple as typing a query string into Kibana. Other AllCloud customers use’s easy integration for Kubernetes and Docker to log their containerized architectures.

Unique value on top of ELK

AllCloud concluded that while a similar end result could be achieved by using a self-managed ELK deployment, using has a number of critical advantages:

  • Time to solution: Building, maintaining and scaling the ELK stack is a long and human-intensive process, and most customers require a solution which isn’t time or resource consuming.
  • Performance: Storing terabytes of log data per day and making it available instantly requires careful planning and designing of compute resources, sharding and more. All of these are taken care of by, allowing AllCloud and its customers to spend more time on business critical issues.
  • Vendor support: Whenever the customer needs it, it’s crucial to have available support for the platform which serves as eyes into your system. The numerous interactions AllCloud has had with’s support team have been pleasant and efficient, and they were able to quickly resolve problems encountered.
  • Proactive and intelligent analysis:’s alerts platform combined with advanced machine learning (cognitive insights) enables AllCloud and its customers to be more proactive resulting in overall better service.
  • Log volume efficiency: Data volumes expand rapidly! optimizes costs by expert parsing and reduction of overall log volumes.
  • Security and compliance: provides customers with secure log analytics and the service always maintains the latest compliance standards including Soc Type 2, ISO27001, PCI, HIPAA and GDPR compliance.

The bottom line

AllCloud is deeply committed to implementing advanced, reliable and safe technologies for clients of all sizes. Project success and reputation are paramount to maintaining AllCloud’s position as a market leader in providing cloud solutions. Partnering with has become an important part of offering world-class log analytics to a wide range of customers on the cloud.

In the words of Johanan Liebermann, a Software Developer at AllCloud: “Partnering with has given AllCloud the ability to recommend our customers a reliable, scalable and secure solution for log analytics, while still using the ELK stack. This allows us to focus on the core complexities of our various projects.”

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