Reduce Observability Costs

Economical observability starts with smarter data management.

Data Optimization<br />
Data Optimization
Easily identify and remove
all the observability data
you don’t need.
Smart Tier Storage<br />
Smart Tier Storage
Rather than paying the
same for all your logs, pay
for how you use them.
Hands-on<br />
Expertise engineers have
helped hundreds of
customers reduce costs.
Eliminate<br />
maintenance costs
maintenance costs
Eliminate the engineering
resources needed to manage
your observability stack.
Granual cost<br />
Granual cost
Monitor data usage and
costs across every team in
a single place.

Cut costs in minutes with Data Optimization Hub

  • One place to control all your data and costs: In a single UI, get a full inventory of all your incoming data, as well as filters to remove unneeded data with a click. See the Data Optimization Hub demo here.
  • ML-powered recommendations: recommends data to filter out based on whether its being used.
  • Cut your data volumes by a third: the average customer reduces 32% of their overall data with Data Optimization Hub.

Reduce the cost of log
storage by aligning use
case and cost

Distribute log data into separate storage tiers to reduce costs depending on the use case of your log data with Smart Tiering.

Significantly reduce the storage cost of log data that is aging, is used for monitoring, or does not require frequent access.

Reduce the cost of log<br />
storage by aligning use<br />
case and cost

Hands-on expertise from engineers to eliminate noisy data

  • Data review: Get a second eye from experienced engineers to help you understand which data is valuable, and what can be discarded.
  • Dashboards filtering: Why pay for metrics data you don’t monitor? We can filter out all metrics that aren’t being monitored on specific dashboards to reduce costs.
  • Sampling advice: Unsure of what trace sampling to implement? We’ll help you decide the best sampling method for your use case.
Hands-on expertise from <br /> engineers to eliminate noisy data

Observability that is effortless to deploy,
scale, and manage

Simply create an account and integrate with your stack. From there,’s cloud-native SaaS platform handles the entire data pipeline and seamlessly scales up and down with your data volumes – requiring zero maintenance from the customer.’s high availability architecture can withstand any load and any burst.

Observability that is effortless to deploy,<br />
scale, and manage

Granular data volume and
cost monitoring across
every team

  • Visibility into costs for each team: Provision a dedicated environment for each team, and gain visibility into data usage and costs for each environment.
  • Manage costs in one place: Monitor exactly how your current data usage compares to your plan.
  • Control data volumes: Set caps to prevent bursty data from running up your bill.
Granular data volume and<br />
cost monitoring across<br />
every team

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