Kubernetes 360

Full Kubernetes Observability in Minutes

Maintain Central Visibility into Application Performance to Speed Troubleshooting

Gain a single view into application health and debug issues faster with automatic data correlation and detailed microservices topology mapping.

Unify all your Kubernetes data to monitor health and performance

  • Full stack visibility: Centralize and visualize log, metric, and trace data from every component in your Kubernetes environment: your nodes, Control Plane, containers, and apps, together.
  • Surface health and performance issues: Set alerts to automatically trigger notifications when health and performance metrics for any component cross defined thresholds.
  • Ensure a reliable Control Plane: Track critical metrics – like non-200 HTTP response codes – of every Control Plane component so it can schedule and orchestrate services to keep your cluster running smoothly.
Unify all your Kubernetes data to monitor health and performance

Zero to full Kubernetes observability in a few easy steps

  • Collect all your monitoring data with a single agent: with one simple installation, send your log, metric, and trace data to Logz.io’s Platform with the Logz.io Telemetry Collector.
  • Get an out-of-the-box overview of K8s health: with K8s 360, monitor the health and performance of every Kubernetes component immediately – no dashboard set up needed.
  • Drill into details fast: Spot an issue? Quickly dive into the root cause with log, metric, and trace correlation.

Connect the dots across different signals to troubleshoot faster than ever

  • Investigate fast: Correlate across logs, metrics, and traces to drill into the root cause of infrastructure issues.
  • Change analysis: Understand how changes in your environment – such as new deployments and configurations – impact all your services.
  • Automatically surface critical K8s errors and exceptions: Logz.io’s human-coached ML flags key K8s errors and exceptions based on analysis from real engineers.

Use cloud-native integrations to dynamically monitor orchestrated services

  • Native Kubernetes integrations: Use popular open source technologies hosted by the Cloud-Native Computing Foundation to seamlessly collect K8s observability data – including OpenTelemetry, Prometheus, and Fluentd.
  • Automatic service discovery in dynamic environments: Automatically collect data from newly created services, regardless of where they spin up.
  • Monitor any Kubernetes platform: Including AWS EKS, Azure AKS, GCP GKE, OpenShift, Rancher, Anthos, and any other Kubernetes platform.
Use cloud-native integrations to dynamically monitor orchestrated services

Cloud and Kubernetes-scale observability

  • Built on Kubernetes, for Kubernetes: Logz.io’s cloud-naive SaaS platform automatically adjusts scaling to ingest and store fluctuating volumes of data.
  • Any scale, any burst, always up: Ensure your applications are highly performant and available even during unexpected spikes in traffic.
Cloud and Kubernetes-scale observability

Identify, investigate and communicate Kubernetes security issues

  • Isolate security risks: Automatically scan for problematic software packages and dependencies, infrastructure-as-code issues and misconfigurations, and CVEs.
  • Communicate efficiently: Inform security workflows and cross-functional communications with Kubernetes-specific intelligence that enables faster response.
  • Enable a DevSecOps approach: Gain unified visibility across logs, metrics, traces and security—allowing DevOps teams to embrace end-to-end observability and troubleshooting.
Identify, investigate and communicate Kubernetes security issues

Tame noisy data and high costs with smart data optimization

  • Eliminate the noise: Easily identify and filter out unneeded data on the fly with Logz.io’s self-service tools, or get hands-on expertise from Logz.io engineers to remove unneeded data.
  • Optimize storage to reduce costs: Reduce the cost of data storage as it ages without compromising on querying performance.
  • Manage costs, teams, and data across clusters: Easily monitor data volumes across teams to find trends and opportunities for cost reduction. Set caps to prevent bursty data from running up your bill.

Your data is safe

Use a fully secure platform that adheres to strict data security rules.
Compliant with: PCI Level 1, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO-27001.
*For a copy of the SOC+HIPPA report, please contact your account executive.

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