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“Logz.io is a great tool for analyzing logs...but the special thing is the support. Any time I had an issue, even if I needed help with regex expressions, the support chat helped me with understanding and patience, and was very fast.”

“Logz.io has the best support I’ve encountered in this arena, from initial proof-of-concept discussions onward.”

"Any time I get stuck I have an instant way to communicate with support. They are immediately responsive, and even get back within a few minutes no matter what timezone or time of night I send a message."

“Our relationship with Logz.io support is extremely transparent. Tickets are always being shared and there’s always a follow up from the account manager to make sure that our issues have been taken care of. This provides a good sense of ease when trying to reach out to support for any queries we may have.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I ship my logs?

Logz.io supports a variety of shipping methods to cater to the different ways you access your logs:

  • If your logs are written to file, we strongly recommend using Filebeat - it's lightweight, reliable and allows for quite a bit of freedom when it comes to configuration.
  • If you want to ship logs directly from your application, we offer appenders for multiple programming languages that you can slot into your existing code and ship directly from there.
  • If you access your logs in a different method, no problem - reach out to the support team, and we'll see how we can help

What is "type" and why do I need it?

"type" is a logical field used to differentiate between logs (if you're coming from using base Elasticsearch, you might know these as "documents"). in Logz.io, "type" also acts as the main condition for log parsing.
Ideally, you want to set the type based on log format and not log source. For example, If you have five servers sending Apache Access logs, they should all be shipped under the "apache_access" type, with an additional parameter to indicate the logs' environment.

Why is my log type grayed out in the Data Parsing Wizard?

The Data Parsing Wizard allows you to use Grok to parse out your own custom logs. If the log type you’ve been shipping is grayed out, it most likely means one or both of the following:

  • The log type in question is already being parsed by one of our global, pre-built parsing pipelines. You can find a list of those in our “Default Parsing” list
  • The log type in question is already being parsed by a custom parsing pipeline applied to your account by the Logz.io support team, based on previous requests from an account admin

If you’d like to change or update the way said logs are being parsed, just reach out to our support team with some log samples (around a hundred lines is usually a good amount) the type you're sending them as, a breakdown of how you'd like the logs parsed and the timezone they were written in; once we have those, we'll get working on parsing them and update you once it's done.

Does Logz.io have an integration with the service I’m using?

Well, that depends on the service — we recommend taking a look at our “send your data” page for a list of existing integrations. If you can’t find your service there, don’t worry! Just reach out to the support team and we’ll see how we can help you out.

Will shipping metrics and/or spans impact my log management account quota?

No, it won’t — each Distributed Tracing and Infrastructure Monitoring account exists as a unique entity, with its own quota, retention, and shipping token; this compartmentalization means that a spike in one service does not cause interruptions in others.

Why am I seeing mapping errors?

Logz.io uses daily indices to store logs of all types, using the first logs to come in after midnight UTC to dynamically determine each indexed field’s data type.

If a field comes in with a different data type, the system will identify the discrepancy and opt to flatten the log in order to not lose the data; that flattened log is indexed as a mapping exception, adding a field explaining the source of the exception.

The Logz.io support team can help in resolving these conflicts on our end while you address them at the source.

Where can I send my alerts to?

You can send alerts to email addresses, HTTP/S endpoint or a combination of the two; we offer a list of integrated endpoints (Slack, OpsGenie, Pagerduty, etc.), and you can configure your own custom endpoints if the list doesn’t contain the one you’re using.

I got an email I’m nearing the limit of my daily quota, what can I do?

We understand that sometimes, things go wrong — perhaps a part of your application starts misbehaving, or maybe a developer forgets the logging settings at the debug level and all of a sudden you find yourself shipping twice the logs and using up your daily usage quota at an alarming rate.

Just reach out to the support team - preferably via the live chat, in the interest of — and we’ll do whatever we can to help to make sure your account doesn’t get suspended while you work to resolve the issue internally*.


Just go easy on the developer who forgot to comment out the debug logging, ok? We’re sure it was an honest mistake