Announcing $52 Million Series D Funding to Unleash the Value of Machine Data and Open-Source

Today I have the immense privilege of sharing the exciting news that we have raised $52M in series D funding led by General Catalyst. I am thrilled that all of our existing investors share our vision and chose to invest further in the company.

Today is a fantastic day not only for the company, its employees, partners, and investors but for our 700 customers that trust us. They are our obsession, our inspiration and the driving force behind everything we do. We’ll be using this funding to enhance our product even more, pushing the boundaries of innovation and the overall customer experience.
Our dream just over four years ago was to help engineers who were frustrated as we were with managing the complexity, cost, and difficulty in extracting meaningful insights from existing log management tools. As software developers ourselves, we wanted to offer a new open-source experience, one that’s simple for developers to consume, API-driven, fast, and smart, so we started by building a platform around ELK.
As we worked with more developers and organizations, we realized we could help further. We expanded our vision to help developers monitor, troubleshoot, and secure complex environments with the open-source they love at the scale they need.
We’ve also dramatically strengthened our platform by constantly adding new features and capabilities from scale and performance to more advanced machine learning and AI.
We’ve recently announced the general availability of our Security Analytics product, which helps engineers secure cloud environments with an easier to use and smarter open-source based platform . We’ve seen rapid adoption of the platform both by DevSecOps teams as well as SOCs and CISOs. It is inspiring to see how more people appreciate the combination of open-source, ease-of-use and intelligence, the cornerstones of our platform. We’re going to double down on our investment in the security space, bringing the market new types of solutions based on the open-source Kibana.
We’ve also recently announced a Time-series analytics offering. Bringing together logs and metrics, scale, and AI, it is a major step toward achieving our vision.  We’re working diligently to bring it to general availability in the next couple of months.
We’ve also deepened our partnerships with leading cloud providers like Amazon and most recently with Microsoft. Following a year of joint work with the product and engineering teams at Azure, we’ve recently announced a joint offering of Azure and enabling software engineers to consume open-source ELK like never before.
But while this tremendous growth is exciting, by far, our most rewarding experiences are around the important work we do with our customers day in and day out. We’re humbled to have customers like Oracle + Dyn, Turner Media, Capital One, British Airways, Rent-a-Center, and Schneider Electric trust as their machine data analytics platform.
I want to thank our customers and partners large and small, and the community that has grown from them: for their support and commitment, for their consistent feedback, and for learning and growing with us on this incredible journey. We are committed to helping them get as much value as possible from their machine data.
Last but not least, I am so proud of the team–175 of the smartest, most passionate, hard-working group of people I have the privilege of knowing. With this group of people, we can move mountains and that’s what we’re planning on doing.
I feel lucky for having had the opportunity to work with everyone who has been a part of the story thus far. Our story is only beginning.
Tomer Levy, CEO and Co-Founder of

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