Logz.io’s Open 360™ Observability Platform Release Updates, 2023 Q3

Q3 Feature Roundup

Logz.io is always growing and evolving based on customer usage and feedback. We add new features and quality of life improvements all the time. Here’s the round up of what we released in 2023 Q3.


Easy Connect

Easy Connect is available to customers in the Open 360™ platform to speed instrumentation and collecting of observability data. 

It’s a deployment and configuration tool designed to assist you in effectively instrumenting Kubernetes applications with OpenTelemetry (OTEL) auto-instrumentation and configurable log types.

By automating service discovery and application instrumentation, Easy Connect provides nearly instant visibility into any component in your Kubernetes-based environment – from your infrastructure to your applications. 

It enables you to get from zero to full observability in minutes thanks to one-click instrumentation.

Kubernetes 360 Updates

Open 360 users will now be served with detailed lists of their system spans in the solution, with the ability to drill down into specific traces to analyze any potential issues.

Importantly, the addition of this tracing data to K8s 360 also amplifies the value of Telemetry Collector and Easy Connect, all of which serves to help users get their data – in this case specifically OpenTelemetry data – into Open 360 faster than ever with increasing levels of automation.

Once the tracing data is ingested into the platform, the information will now show up in the unified K8s 360 dashboard, alongside all the adjacent information needed to maintain this centralized observability approach.

At the same time, one of the best ways to surface and investigate tracing data in the solution is through use of the K8s 360 Traces Tab, which provides detailed information regarding all the transactions moving through a specific Kubernetes resource to drill down into issues such as latency and perform the needed root cause analysis.

Service Overview

This new feature delivers application insights in a consolidated view, making it easy to spot high-level performance trends across microservices architectures. 

The most essential telemetry data from infrastructure and applications are unified with minimal configuration, accelerating the path to incident remediation.

Once telemetry data is collected, specific services and transactions can be selected, allowing deeper investigation to get to the root of application performance issues.

Cold Tier

Cold Tier enables customers to move their less valued data into a far less expensive storage repository in Amazon S3 — critically without losing the ability to actively query it when needed. 

Unlike other vendors’ dark, cold data warehouses, Cold Tier provides massive savings, without compromising on performance or functionality.

Cold Tier compliments Logz.io’s existing Smart Tiering approach, which reduces the cost of data storage over time, as it becomes less valuable with age. With our full breadth of storage offerings, we’re now offering the most flexible, cost efficient end-to-end observability data storage approach.

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