Hot Topic: Increasing Cost-Efficient Observability with Cold Tier

Increasing Cost-Efficient Observability with Cold Tier

Even as the global economy shows signs of a rebound, today’s observability customers are more focused than ever on driving utmost value from their investments.

This isn’t simply because economics have forced organizations to closely review overhead and drive out unnecessary costs; the reality is that observability has become one of the leading budget items for every cloud software organization, full stop.

As cloud ecosystems and applications evolve, organizations find themselves generating massive volumes of telemetry data, leading to a steep upward curve of observability expenses. We hear every day that — along with achieving the visibility needed to ensure the ultimate performance of applications and infrastructure — the issue of cost is a huge concern.

That’s why Open 360™ is furthering its work to remain the most cost-effective platform on the market through the introduction of our innovative new Cold Tier—allowing customers to closely control data storage costs based on the notion that not all data is created equally.

Purpose-built for Cost Effectiveness, Platform-wide

When we launched the Open 360™ platform last year, one of the first product features we introduced was our revolutionary Data Optimization Hub. This AI-backed capability, supported by a simple-to-use UI, was purpose-built to enable customers to identify and filter out unnecessary data. Savings often exceed as much as 30% in retention costs.

Up next came our LogMetrics solution — aimed at enabling organizations to pinpoint high-volume, low value logs that can be automatically translated into metrics. Not only does this approach drive down costs, the involved metrics are of significant value from an observability standpoint. Customers agree, it’s a win-win.

Along with unified Kubernetes observability (in the form of our Kubernetes 360 solution), advancement of our Telemetry Collector agent, and a long list of capabilities aimed at saving time and optimizing the work of customers’ human experts, everything we’ve been focused on with Open 360 has been designed to meet this call — providing essential observability, at the lowest cost.

Up Next: Low Cost Storage that Works

Now, with the announcement of our Cold Tier storage offering, we believe has once again tackled a pervasive customer challenge — balancing data storage costs with needed availability.

We see customers frequently asking themselves the question: “How do we ensure we have proper access to all the data we need stored in the system, without paying too much for storage?” There’s frequent search data, monitoring data and long retention data, all being used to different ends in the platform. 

A traditional approach to this issue among many large APM and observability vendors has been to convince users to keep as much of their data in “hot” storage, as possible. This is also uncoincidentally the most expensive option.

But organizations know that they really shouldn’t need to do this — to pay a high tax just to keep a lot of data on hand for infrequent use cases such as compliance or forensics. It doesn’t make sense to pay for this information they may only require in a pinch. The fact is that different types of data are used to achieve different goals. So why not treat it as such?

Introducing Cold Tier

With Cold Tier, now enables customers to move all of their less valued data into a far less expensive repository — critically without losing the ability to actively query it when needed, or set up related dashboards and alerts. Unlike other vendors’ dark, cold data warehouses, Cold Tier provides massive savings, without compromising on performance or functionality.

Further, Cold Tier compliments our existing Smart Tiering approach, which reduces the cost of data storage over time, as it becomes less valuable with age. We’re offering the most flexible, cost efficient end-to-end observability data storage approach.

How did we do this, you ask? Well, you won’t be surprised to hear that this capability was invented as a means of optimizing how we store our own observability data! It turns out that our internal teams are pretty smart customers themselves.

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