Service Overview is the central launch pad for investigations into the
root cause of production issues.

BOSTON and TEL AVIV, September 20, 2023 —, provider of the industry’s most easy-to-use, cost-efficient observability platform, today announced the release of Service Overview, providing an even more effective way to unify telemetry data and insights across infrastructure and applications using a single interface.

Service Overview delivers observability insights in a consolidated view, making it easy to spot high-level performance trends across microservices architectures. Using this powerful new feature, the most essential telemetry data from infrastructure and applications is unified with minimal configuration, accelerating the path to remediation. Once telemetry data is collected, specific services and transactions can be selected, allowing deeper investigation to get to the root of application performance issues.

Observability helps address digital friction in cloud application environments that negatively impact the user experience. However, many observability solutions require engineers to sort through huge volumes of telemetry data generated from hundreds or thousands of distinct and ephemeral cloud components to derive key insights. Queries, dashboards and alerts from different datasets spread across separate silos often take hours to translate into troubleshooting flows to address production issues.

“Managing the mass of telemetry data from varied and scattered microservices is a monumental task for engineers,” said Asaf Yigal, co-founder and CTO at “Remediation of production issues that negatively impact the customer experience must happen quickly, and Service Overview is the gateway to make that happen by offering a clear path to resolution in a fraction of the time.”

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Start a free trial, and try Service Overview by deploying the Telemetry Collector on your Kubernetes cluster.

About the Open 360™ Platform

Open 360™ unifies log, metric and trace analytics. It provides a 360-degree view of production health and performance, and it’s built around the leading open source observability technologies including OpenSearch, OpenTelemetry, Prometheus and Jaeger. enhances these technologies to make them easier to use, to reduce the total cost of ownership of observability, and to reduce Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR). Get started with a free 14-day trial of the Open 360™ platform today.

About helps cloud-native businesses monitor and secure their environment. Our Open 360™ Platform turns observability from a high-cost, low-value burden to a high-value, cost-efficient enabler of better business outcomes by combining and extending familiar, powerful and relevant Open Source capabilities across Logs, Metrics and Traces – complemented by security monitoring in the form of cloud-based SIEM.

Now developers and engineers can employ an end-to-end, cloud-native observability stack built on scalable and easy-to-use Open Source using a single UI and unified agent — at a cost that anyone can afford. Unlock proactive troubleshooting, faster product delivery and a fully supported SaaS observability platform, all while compounding efficiencies in time and cost.

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