Announcing the Community

We are happy to announce the official launch of the Community — a space for like-minded professionals dealing with the same challenges involved in developing, monitoring and troubleshooting business-critical apps and services.

If you find yourself knee-deep in log data, or building a monitoring dashboard, or trying to figure out which logging library to use for your app, or deliberating which log aggregator to use for your environment (I could go on but will stop here) — this is the right place for you.

Our mission

As human beings, and perhaps contrary to common beliefs, we thrive in the state of human communion — it allows us to communicate, to learn from one another and to develop. As professionals, we look for communal knowledge and expertise to stay up to date with the latest technologies and methodologies and successfully overcome professional obstacles we come across.

These simple facts of life are the reason behind the proliferation of online community groups and professional events. StackOverFlow and are great examples of how community knowledge is accumulated and leveraged by millions of individuals worldwide facing the exact same challenges.

At, we have found these facts to be the driving factor behind successful events we have held in the past — whether ELK meetups or customer advisory boards. The most interesting discussions that took place were between the participants themselves, about the day-to-day challenges they faced and the solutions they found for overcoming them.

The Community aims at providing members with the tools to learn from peers, share knowledge and skills, and stay up-to-date with the latest monitoring and logging news from and from the online community.

Joining the party

The Community is an open Slack workspace for users and the community as a whole. To join, simply go to:, and enter an email address to receive your invite.

The Community has a bunch of interesting channels but I’ll leave the exploration work to you.

As a teaser, here are few interesting channels to check out:

  • #reading-club – latest articles published on the blog and other industry-related pieces of content. Wrote a relevant article? This is the place to share with the community!
  • #opensource – updates on’s open source projects. PRs, forks, commits — you will be updated
  • #integrations – news and updates on new ways to ship data into Wrote a new shipper? Share the news.
  • #introductions – want to say hello and introduce yourself? This is the place to meet new friends.

Ground rules

Any game has rules, and to make sure this playground is a pleasant place to hang out there are some basic rules of conduct that we ask our members to abide by. Bottom line — be nice, be supportive, collaborate.

The full list of guidelines can be found here:

The Community is currently moderated by yours truly and my colleague, Quintessence Anx.

One last comment for users. This community is not a support forum. To receive official support from’s amazing support engineers, the regular channels should be used.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

The annoying truth about cliches is that they are based on simple, fact-of-life truths. In the context of the new Community, I would like to mention the following two cliches: “There is power in numbers”, and “sharing is caring”.

As members of numerous online communities built for supporting some of the most amazing technological projects, we’ve witnessed firsthand the immense value found by members of these groups in peer-to-peer conversations and relationships. We are looking forward to being part of these professional, and ultimately — very human, interactions.

See you all there!


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