Partner Amplification –® Achieves AWS Security Competency


We’ve got some outstanding news to share in the arena of security partnerships:® Cloud-based SIEM has officially achieved Amazon Web Services (AWS) Security Competency!

This designation within the Logging, Monitoring, SIEM, Threat Detection, and Analytics category further demonstrates’s proven commitment to delivering best-in-class security. It specifically designated us as an AWS Partner Network (APN) member that provides specialized software designed to help enterprises adopt, develop, and deploy state-of-the-art security practices within their AWS environment. 

To receive this designation, AWS Partners must show that multiple customers have validated their technology in the real world, that they possess deep AWS expertise with a well-architected infrastructure, and that they can deliver solutions seamlessly on AWS. Obviously, this is a hugely rewarding accomplishment for as we see so many customers experiencing success with our 100% cloud-native Cloud SIEM across the AWS ecosystem.

“Earning the AWS Security Competency status is a testament to our commitment to enterprise security: large organizations need a SIEM platform that is designed to scale as more and more teams turn to the cloud to run their critical workloads,” said Tomer Levy, CEO at “By working with AWS, we’re making it easier for our customers to aggregate security events from AWS services, combining AWS event data with integrated security intelligence and contextual analysis, ultimately enabling security teams to take critical response actions sooner.” 

By gaining even greater recognition from AWS, we expect that larger numbers of organizations will embrace Cloud SIEM’s proven approach in meeting the specific needs of today’s cloud security teams. is keenly focused on forging the numerous strategic partnerships that enable customers with the tightly integrated capabilities needed to extend the reach of Cloud SIEM in managing and securing their modern applications in the cloud. 

We have been working with AWS since we first introduced our SIEM to the market,  and now by attaining AWS Security Competency, we’ve achieved the jewel in the crown — being recognized as a global leader in security monitoring and threat detection across distributed environments with our fully-managed and cloud-native SIEM platform.

With a security by design approach, is deeply invested in privacy and security, and delivers truly cloud-native security analytics and monitoring platform to customers around the globe. works seamlessly with AWS for enhanced cloud security monitoring, providing the real-time visualization needed to quickly identify security threats, vulnerabilities, and increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks.

Did you know that Cloud SIEM integrates with many of your favorite tools?

In addition to attaining recognition as a leading AWS technology partner, we’ve built integrations with many other industry leaders to provide greater insights, additional context and a superior user experience. Some of our key technology partners include Slack, Cloudflare, Fortigate, Active Directory, and Checkpoint.

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