Detect and investigate threats
at speed and scale.

Isolate threats and analyze security
data at scale

Fast querying, multidimensional detection and deep customizable security content help you unearth and respond to critical threats. Monitor and investigate threats across the full-expanse of your cloud environment – with no performance degradation, regardless of data volumes.

Employ a Modern, Cloud-Based SIEM

  • Cloud-native SaaS scales to meet your unique security and data requirements
  • High-performance queries at any scale on an enterprise-tested cloud service
  • Numerous long-term storage tiers to support every use case and optimize costs
Employ a Modern, Cloud-Based SIEM

Supercharge your threat defenses

  • Cross-reference security events with multiple integrated threat intelligence feeds
  • Use advanced detections to correlate data sources and interpret user behavior
  • Identify and respond to known threats within the MITRE ATT&CK® framework
Supercharge your threat defenses

Engage hands-on expertise and customized content

  • Dedicated security analysts extend the reach of your security team, at no extra cost
  • Custom and out-of-the-box queries and dashboards created by cloud SIEM experts
  • Constant support for deployment, integration, content creation and customization
Engage hands-on expertise and customized content

Accelerate your security response workflow

  • Configure alerts and send notifications to popular systems including ServiceNow, Slack, PagerDuty, JIRA, TheHive, or anything that supports webhooks
  • Classify, prioritize and group events to enable rapid investigation and response
  • Sort, filter and search events, and trend resolution status to ensure mitigation
Accelerate your security response workflow

Integrate systems with extensive interoperability

  • Leverage 350+ built-in integrations for full visibility into your network, identity providers, endpoints, and SaaS applications
  • Send logs to Cloud SIEM from any data source, and connect new insights back to your existing tool stack
  • Integrate directly with SOAR to enact multi-stage, multi-stakeholder response workflows

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Integrate systems with extensive interoperability

What our customers say

What our customers sayWhat our customers say

“Let’s say we are using Syslog and Filebeat and want to ship these logs to our SIEM. We just need to get on the chat with and within an hour we have a new parser in place.”

Dedy Hori
CISO at Jacada

A fully cloud-native SaaS SIEM solution

Easy Deployment

Create an account and send data to begin flagging high-priority security events.

Fast investigation

Easily filter and visualize data by geo, severity, event types among others.

Expert support

Create custom-tailored rules and content to detect and visualize critical threats.

Cloud-native efficiency

Rapid querying speed and massive scalability, backed by long term data retention.

Universal integration

Connect across the full ecosystem of available data sources and security architecture.

Flexible pricing model

Utilize unique pay-as-you-go pricing structure designed for cloud-scale volumes. Cloud SIEM FAQs

What is Cloud SIEM as a service?

This means the SIEM is deployed via SaaS – the provider manages the deployment, scaling, upgrading, and maintenance of the SIEM. This offloads time-consuming installation and maintenance for the customer.

What are the benefits of using a Cloud SIEM versus a self-hosted SIEM?

With a Cloud SIEM, it’s easy to build to scale alongside massive volumes of data and keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape of the modern cloud environment. The data can also be accessed from anywhere around the world, and doesn’t require the time-consuming installation, maintenance, and manual scaling that self hosted products need. Learn more about why companies are turning to cloud-native SIEM.

How is Cloud SIEM different from other cloud-native SIEM solutions?

A key difference is the level of dedicated security support provides, including curated security dashboards, newly-built integrations, and expertise on general SIEM best practices. Experience the difference first-hand with our 14-day Cloud SIEM free trial.

Can I migrate my hybrid or on-prem SIEM to Cloud SIEM? is only deployed in the public cloud. However, we can ingest data from hybrid or on-prem workloads.

Your data is safe

Use a fully secure platform that adheres to strict data security rules.
Compliant with: PCI Level 1, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO-27001.
*For a copy of the SOC+HIPPA report, please contact your account executive.

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