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Media and entertainment companies need visibility into the health and performance of complex infrastructure and applications to prevent slow requests and bottlenecks that can cause content lag and viewer exits. Engineers use to collect and analyze monitoring data from their cloud environment to get an overview of their system’s health and user experience, and quickly drill into issues.

Ensure your media and ads are always up, and always performing

Gain detailed visibility into every component in your system with intuitive data search and visualization to quickly identify unhealthy infrastructure and slow application requests that cause poorly performing content. Stay notified of new problems with real-time alerting and determine the root cause of problems faster with data correlation.

Seamlessly scale with your high-traffic events
Seamlessly scale with your high-traffic events

Lacking visbility into poorly performorming content can impede engagement with critical content like breaking news stories or new content launches.’s SaaS platform will seamlessly scale up during the busiest day of the year so you have the visbility needed to ensure your site and content is performing at its best during peak hours. can handle any load, on any region, without requiring any effort from your team.

Monitor viewer engagement with content to optimize user experience
Monitor viewer engagement with content to optimize user experience

Add simple instrumention to your system to expose valuable user experience data to monitor metrics like viewing time, clicks, and video plays for your content and ads. Metrics and KPIs can be easily graphed and measured on real-time and customizable monitoring dashboards.

“There’s two broad categories of monitoring. It’s the infrastructure, Amazon down to Kubernetes, and then the application side where stuff could be going wrong. In both cases, we are using these tools to reduce MTTR and drive uptime.”
Daniel Seravalli
Lead Engineer at Holler
“'s team swiftly helped us create dashboards...they also went further to help us cut costs."
Vadim Supitskiy
CTO at Forbes
"We weren't married to an idea coming in. So taking your perspective on what you've already implemented out there really helped us shape what we envision for our SIEM."
Milind Adari
Information Security Engineer at The Associated Press
Reduce business risk and the total cost of cloud monitoring
Reduce business risk and the total cost of cloud monitoring is based on the best-of-breed open source monitoring tools — making it easy to migrate to, and easy to migrate off — so customers can avoid proprietary vendor lock-in. Additionally, helps teams avoid paying for huge quantaties of data they don’t need with smarter data storage options and hands-on filtering for unneeded data.

Centralize and Investigate Security Events at Scale offers a cloud-native SIEM (Security Incident & Event Management) that makes it easy to collect security events for investigation – while requiring minimal overhead from your team. With Cloud SIEM, teams can surface and alert on threats, correlate events with threat feeds, prioritize critical threats, and track investigation progress. Watch how The Associated Press scaled their security with