By rapidly giving ITOps professionals and security teams insights about potential remediation paths, reduces critical time formerly spent in research.

BOSTON and TEL AVIV, February 14, 2023 –, provider of the industry’s most efficient, simple-to-use observability platform, based on open source, today announced expansion of its AI-driven insight into the optimization of cloud applications and infrastructure through integration of generative AI. By combining the power of a large language model with its existing AI capabilities—including the patented Cognitive Insights system— further positions its Open 360TM platform as a modern, full-stack observability solution. Users benefit from the platform’s continued innovation, driven by crowdsourced insights from its global community of engineering and ITOps professionals to reduce mean time to remediation (MTTR).

Through integration of generative AI, the Open 360 platform gains more powerful capabilities to recommend improvement steps for engineering, DevOps and ITOps teams working to optimize their cloud applications and infrastructure. Building on’s existing analytics capabilities, the inclusion of generative AI enriches the Open 360 platform’s Cognitive Insights features with a vast array of known solutions to emerging availability, performance, resilience and security issues.

“Business agility drives development agility, which in turn creates operational complexity and significant troubleshooting challenges,” said CTO and co-founder Asaf Yigal. “Most companies collect far more data than they can operationally use, and they spend more money on their observability solutions each and every year. Perversely, all this data and money leads to fewer and fewer targeted insights that positively inform decision-making.’s use of generative AI within our existing Cognitive Insights capability is a game changer, because it immediately can reduce MTTR, while extracting more value from less data, all at a lower cost.”

Users tapping into the Open 360 automated recommendation engine will now benefit from the vast wealth of related information incorporated by the generative AI model. All of this supports’s continued work to accelerate and increase the efficiency of observability for its customers. Unlike proprietary solutions where innovation often yields to commercial interests, is fundamentally dedicated to incorporating every available resource that can benefit its users, such as generative AI.

A History of Innovation, Driven by Open Source began using supervised machine learning models in 2016 and expanded this capability with its crowdsourced-informed Cognitive Insights feature. Committed to building with and supporting open source software, remains at the forefront of harnessing innovative new technologies to help its customers by providing targeted data to help optimize cloud environments.

How Improved Cognitive Insights With Generative AI

Here’s how Cognitive Insights with generative AI reduces MTTR for ITOps.

  • An engineering team pushes new code into production and soon gets an alert. The DevOps engineer tasked with the project engages the Open 360 platform, which surfaces the most relevant issues to focus on. This reduces the need to search through exceptions and wade through a huge volume of logs, tracing and metrics data.
  • To accelerate the process of looking through exceptions, Open 360 uses machine learning to identify common patterns in log data, which filters out the noise of, for example, millions of similar logs.
  • The platform’s Cognitive Insights capability automatically cross-references log data with crowdsourced data from the community to uncover potential issues and provide actionable references from the web. It pieces together human interactions with log data, combining it with related intelligence from available social threads, discussion forums and open source repositories. This automates—and greatly shortens—the formerly manual task of identifying relevant events, enriching them with information about context, severity and relevance, all while also providing known paths to remediation.
  • By combining popular open source observability (OpenSearch, Prometheus and Jaeger) with generative AI, Cognitive Insights now helps users cast the widest net in gaining the latest monitoring, analysis, visualization and intelligence. Integrating generative AI with Cognitive Insights enriches crowdsourced data by additional sources of related information, all indexed by the large language model, vastly deepening the system’s intelligence and reducing MTTR from hours to minutes.

Open 360 with Cognitive Insights augmented by generative AI gives engineers the data they need quickly, including links to related information and best practices for resolving the most relevant issues, empowering them to quickly take actions toward resolution in the production environment.

“We moved quickly to launch the first observability platform leveraging the power of generative AI,” said Tomer Levy, CEO and co-founder of “Sure to be imitated by others, what we’ve pioneered will greatly enhance our Cognitive Insights capabilities and help our customers troubleshoot issues even faster, and speed is power in the battle against downtime and vulnerabilities.”

About helps cloud-native businesses monitor and secure their environment. Our Open 360 Platform turns observability from a high-cost, low-value burden to a high-value, cost-efficient enabler of better business outcomes by combining and extending familiar, powerful and relevant Open Source capabilities across Logs, Metrics and Traces – complemented by security monitoring in the form of cloud-based SIEM.

Now developers and engineers can employ an end-to-end, cloud-native observability stack built on scalable and easy-to-use Open Source using a single UI and unified agent – at a cost that anyone can afford. Unlock proactive troubleshooting, faster product delivery and a fully supported SaaS observability platform, all while compounding efficiencies in time and cost.
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