Modern Security Monitoring Demands an Integrated Strategy

Logzio and Cynet - SIEM & XDR Integration

The ultimate success of any security monitoring platform depends largely on two fundamental requirements – its ability to accurately and efficiently surface threats and its level of integration with adjacent systems.

In the world of SIEM, this is perhaps more relevant than any other element of contemporary IT security infrastructure. For nearly two decades, SIEM has served as a backbone for threat analysis and response, streaming together numerous data sources to offer detailed analysis and pinpoint emerging risks.

At the same time, from advanced anti-malware systems and threat intelligence feeds that provide critical information and context on one side, to vulnerability and workflow management solutions that enable response on the other, today’s SIEMs must be deeply ingrained within the larger security ecosystem

From that perspective, Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) has become one of the most critical integration points for every modern SIEM to enable active protection of assets and data. Increasingly, organizations are turning to Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions that extend EDR protections beyond the endpoint to networks, users and more.

As a critical element of any defense in depth strategy, XDR provides a detailed understanding of what is currently happening in an environment. That lets us take action on emerging threats and ensure that we can effectively monitor the network, systems, storage, and other services. 

Cloud SIEM & Cynet: Security Integration

That’s why it is so exciting to announce the new integration partnership between the Cloud SIEM and the Cynet XDR Breach Protection Platform. For practitioners to identify and stave off attacks, as well as optimize available resources, this SIEM-XDR integration is critical to organizations of every size and IT security maturity level.

For customers using these cloud-native, SaaS products in concert, this means increased precision and speed in both alerting on, and investigating threats within the Cloud SIEM. Users will find fine grain detail provided by Cynet in both our visualizations and underlying reports allowing them to move faster in taking actions that mitigate related risks. 

Cynet data can also be used to set up customized rule sets in that unearth specific types of attacks.

As our CTO Jonah Kowall notes:

“Working with Cynet and our mutual customers has been easy and effective, providing increased value by combining best in class Cloud SIEM with a leading XDR and EDR solution from Cynet. Leveraging these tools together definitively provides better threat detection and response.” 

Cynet dashboard in
Cynet dashboard in

Beyond the foundational aspects of EDR – which include endpoint monitoring, real-time detection and anti-malware capabilities, among others – Cynet XDR represents a truly advanced solution that also blends in key aspects of User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA), network analytics, and deception technologies. 

According to Cynet VP Product, Ido Breger, “Cynet’s goal has always been to take the complexity out of cybersecurity while providing the most comprehensive threat protection platform possible. Our partnership with means that our clients get a fully integrated SIEM and XDR offering that can extend protections and augment threat investigation with rich data and analytics – out of the box.”

Additional Integration Benefits

As organizations seek to bring together as many pieces of the threat prevention puzzle as possible – both to concentrate analysis and manage related costs, and tool sprawl – we believe this is an integration that delivers significant additional value.

Some of the rules that we worked on that work out of the box include the following detections: 

Cynet rules in
Cynet rules in

As continues to expand its roster of SIEM integration partners to serve the specific needs of our customers – across both the direct and MSSP channels – we’re pushing hard to connect with leading providers in every relevant area of the IT security space.

It’s an exciting time to involve yourself in the cloud SIEM market, and to tap into the rapid innovation ongoing in the XDR segment.

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