Introducing Pre-Installed Metrics Dashboard Bundles

Pre-Installed Dashboard Bundles for Metrics with Infrastructure Monitoring

We are proud to announce the launch of direct dashboard uploads with These new metrics dashboard templates are available for 25 different tools and more to come. Each of these templates is now available to customers and covers the gamut of popular monitoring tools used by DevOps teams. Some of these tools also include multiple options.

The process is simple. Head into the app and head to your metrics account. Click Send Your Data and find Pre-Build Dashboards on the left side menu. You’ll see all the available packages, which will expand over time. Here is the initial list of pre-made metrics dashboards:

  1. Amazon MQ
  2. Amazon S3
  3. Amazon EC2
  4. Amazon API Gateway
  5. Amazon App ELB
  6. Amazon Classic ELB
  7. Amazon DynamoDB
  8. Amazon EBS
  9. Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling
  10. Amazon Kinesis
  11. Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose
  12. Amazon Lambda
  13. Amazon Network ELB
  14. Amazon RDS
  15. Amazon Route 53
  16. Amazon SNS
  17. Amazon SQS
  18. Telegraf for Prometheus metrics
  19. MongoDB metrics
  20. MySQL metrics
  21. PostgreSQL metrics
  22. Redis metrics 
  23. System metrics 
  24. Vmware Vsphere metrics 
  25. Kubernetes over Helm with OpenTelemetry

Installing Metrics Dashboard Bundles via the App

Any service with a prefab dash option will be listed under Metrics → Send Your Data. Head over to the Pre-built dashboards option on the white left-side menu. As of this post, again, there are 25 tool options. Select the one you want.

Follow the shipping instructions for a given tool and hit the yellow button labeled Install dashboard bundle. Then, hit the View in Metrics button that appears in place of the yellow button (or that pops up to the right side of the screen). 

Hit the yellow button to install prebuilt dashboards
Hit the yellow button to install prebuilt dashboards

You’ll be whisked away to your prefabricated dash. The following are examples from the list above.

The first shows a system metrics dashboard for Telegraf. CPU, memory, and disk utilization feature prominently in gauges at the top. Immediately below those sit several counters that dive deeper into that data/ Below that, there are graphs tracking CPU load, network bytes, and more.

Telegraf Metrics Dashboard
Telegraf Metrics Dashboard

The next example uses demo data to populate our Cloudwatch/EC2 dashboard. It covers the number of running instances, credit usage, and network packets. Other preinstalled dashboards cover critical stats for AWS tools like Kinesis, the Elastic Load Balancer (classic and network), Lambda functions, S3, and more.

AWS Cloudwatch/EC2 Metrics Dashboard
AWS Cloudwatch/EC2 Metrics Dashboard

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