Announcing Open 360™: One Platform for Open Source Observability

Announcing Open 360

Today, I’m thrilled to announce the introduction of Open 360™. This is a major step in our journey. Open 360™ is a unified platform for modern engineering teams requiring end-to-end observability across logs, metrics and traces—delivered in an intuitive user interface.

Open 360™ is specifically designed to enable engineers to have deep monitoring and insights into distributed systems. As part of this release, we are announcing Kubernetes 360 which offers deep monitoring for Kubernetes clusters and serves as a central navigation system to help organizations find and resolve production issues at the application or infrastructure layers. 

This new platform is also based on the open-source tools engineers love to use—OpenSearch/ELK, Prometheus, Jaeger and OpenTelemetry—with a powerful new UI to connect them all, along with many important capabilities to help customers get the most value and reduce the cost of data ingestion.

Since our founding in 2014, has had a consistent driving mission: to make observability based on open-source technologies that is easy to use, scalable and efficient. 

We’ve never been in a better position to deliver on that promise to our customers with the launch of the Open 360™ platform – offering full stack observability in a simple-to-use, cost-effective way.

The Journey to Open 360TM Observability

When we launched, we wanted to give engineers the power to use open source to enable innovation and avoid the expense and rigidity of proprietary tools. As distributed systems become so common and complex, we’ve also noticed pervasive gaps in the typical observability stacks

Almost everyone is clamoring for centralized visibility as they work at a faster pace. With more deployments and more changes, more things break. As a result, the need for unified, 360-degree observability continues to mature, and so must our platforms. 

Our customers are also asking us to help them keep their sensitive data safe, and their production environment protected from the increasing amounts of threats. Telemetry data, mined correctly, can help detect and prevent attacks against production environments.  

As a customer-obsessed organization, our own focus has also evolved into a more unified observability solution to enable cross stack visibility, while maintaining the power of open source and avoiding proprietary, expensive vendor lock-in. Open 360™ is the platform designed to address these requirements.

What Customers Get with Open 360TM Observability

When it comes to getting started with observability, nearly everyone starts with open source.

It’s the most natural way to start – whether you’re an enterprise modernizing your infrastructure, or an early-stage company starting to build and deploy software. Some people give up and go buy a proprietary solution after a while. Yet, some of the most successful companies in the world stick with open source. 

This is because open source offers the most flexibility and innovation. Yet, running your own stack requires significant time and effort. As cloud workloads and observability data volumes grow, the cost of managing deployments can spike.

With Open 360™, we eliminate the need to invest engineering resources into building, maintaining, optimizing and scaling observability. We run an enterprise-grade platform delivered as a service, on a pay-as-you-go scale. It’s extremely easy to get started and scale.

Open 360™ also allows you to accelerate your growing maturity. Organizations can quickly advance from being unable to connect logs to other observability data to engaging fully correlated logs, metrics and traces. This is a process that can take years on its own—but with Open 360™, you’ll have a mature practice almost immediately.

Open 360™ allows users to easily layer in out-of-the-box threat detection to quickly detect threats such as Log4shell and many others that proliferate around the globe.  

Our vision was always to offer customers an open platform, with open standards, offering open APIs  – and moreover solutions built on open source with which their users are already familiar. Open 360™ meaningfully connects logs, metrics and traces in one place with a correlated, unified view. It starts in application, infrastructure, observability and security in a single 360-degree platform.

Among the key capabilities that we’re delivering with Open 360™ are new elements including:

Kubernetes 360: Announced last month, Kubernetes 360 delivers unified Kubernetes monitoring across logs, metrics and traces in a single interface. Customers asked us to help developers on call at night to solve production issues faster, and that’s why we built Kubernetes 360—an out-of-the-box, full stack overview of Kubernetes health and performance. It quickly tracks resource constraints and software bugs with excessive error rates to allow for faster investigation.

Telemetry Collector: Rather than setting up three separate technologies to collect logs, metrics, and traces, Telemetry Collector provides a single agent to collect all of your telemetry data in a single installation. This will speed observability for new services.

LogMetrics: With LogMetrics rather than indexing all of your data, you can gain low cost visualization by converting some of your incoming logs to metrics – helping to keep costs down, even as volumes spike.

Why Teams Should Consider Open 360TM for Observability

We believe that most of the telemetry that customers ship to their observability tooling is junk. It’s mostly noise, with very little signal. We’re now delivering technologies to help customers filter and eliminate this noisy data. This dramatically cuts costs and raises TCO because all that noise isn’t being processed for shipping. Customers are also able to isolate problems faster.

We’ve increasingly seen platform teams tasked with maturing observability practices, and designed Open 360™ to fit these requirements. For teams that enable individual groups – from going fully API-driven to managing quotas, doing chargebacks, optimizing data across different groups, and managing resources effectively, Open 360™ uniquely enables both the platform and individual team to be independent, autonomous, and accountable.

We believe innovation should not be just about getting to the next insight, but about how organizations can grow more efficient. “How do you find the data you don’t need? How do you keep teams accountable for the data they ship? How do you manage observability at scale?”

This is why Open 360™ is so timely and aligned with the industry today, and in the future. We’re excited to provide more holistic and complete solutions to customers as a one-stop shop for their entire observability strategy.

With more than 1,400 paying customers that already get huge value from every day we’re excited to deliver an even more expansive and open platform.

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