Getting Started with’s New Cloud SIEM Free Trial

New Cloud SIEM Trial

The Cloud SIEM team is excited to announce a new free trial! You’ll be able to ship 1 GB of security events per day for 14 days. 

Our Cloud-Based SIEM makes it easy to centralize, prioritize, and investigate security events, so you can respond to threats faster than ever. Check out this short demo video to see how it works.

Sound interesting? Check out the instructions for our 14 day free trial below!

For new users: hit the security icon

First, sign up for a free trial at, and select the ‘Cloud SIEM’ option. As you land in your new account, you’ll see a highlighted security icon on the top right part of the landing page.

Once you click on this icon, you’ll be presented with the following Welcome message. Go ahead and click the yellow “I’m ready! Start my free trial! button and you’re good to go.

You can switch between your Log Management and SIEM accounts by hitting the top left button, as seen below.

After opening your new SIEM account, your next step will be to ship your logs. Check out Cloud SIEM’s integrations here.

Choose what data sources you’d like to include, explore the prebuilt dashboards provided and with any question you might have, don’t hesitate to click the in-app webchat icon to get help from our 24/7 Support! 

For existing users: Signing up for’s Cloud SIEM from the Settings menu

If you already have a account, you can activate your Cloud SIEM free trial from the Settings menu.

You can see the 2 other options in this screenshot:

  • You can click the Start Cloud SIEM Trial from the drop down list (circled in red)
  • Or by navigating to  Settings->Manage accounts and starting your free trial by activating the Cloud SIEM plan as an additional sub-account.

That’s it! You can begin shipping data by setting up’s integrations with popular cloud security technologies. Also, switch between your Log Management and SIEM accounts by hitting the button in the top left corner of the app:

And, as always, reach out to our rockstar 24/7 Customer Support team through the bottom right chatbot if you ever have any questions.

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