Logz.io vs. AWS Hosted Elasticsearch

Looking for an AWS Elasticsearch alternative?

With Logz.io you can get up and running with production level ELK in less than 5 minutes and turn your machine data into actionable insights.

Why log analysis is important in AWS environments

AWS provides us with a high degree of flexibility when building our environment. We can dynamically start and stop services, configure network routing and move data around. Therefore, production applications are inherently more distributed and built out of a series of components that need to operate together to deliver a service to the end user successfully. The ability to aggregate and analyze logs in real time, and in a centralized location, is imperative in AWS environments because this data is critical to understanding how the system is operating, and without it — understanding how the service is performing is impossible.

Why you should use ELK (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) for log analysis

ELK is the most common and fastest growing log analytics platform in the world. It is used by companies like Netflix, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, and Cisco. ELK is an open source stack of three libraries (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) that parse, index, and visualise log data (and, yes, it’s free).

AWS Elasticsearch and the Logz.io ELK Stack compared

Pre Built Dashboardsx
Log ParsingManualManual & Automatic
Shard optimizationx
Elasticsearch mappingManualManual & Automatic
Index managementx
Shipping PluginsLogstash, Kibana, Kinesis, Lambda and CloudWatch30+ different shipping methods
Free Trialx
Free TierMinimal1 GB a day
AlertsBasic Functionality with complex setupBuilt-in Alerts
Data Retentionx
IntegrationsxSlack, PagerDuty (custom webhook support)
Customer Supportx24/7 Chat Support
Role Based Accessx
Extra FeaturesAWS servicesNative AWS support, Docker Support,
ELK Apps, Alerts, User Control, Insights
Elasticsearch version1.5, 2.3, 5.1, 5.3, 5,55.5 (Always latest stable)
ELK Upgradesx
S3 Archiving
Audit TrailCloudTrail

Turn machine data into actionable insights with ELK as a Service