Make log collection and analytics easier, faster, and more cost effective at scale.

Analyze logs faster to debug
problems sooner

Quickly explore your data with intuitive and high performance search filters, or accelerate troubleshooting with Log Patterns to scan through your log data in seconds. Visualize spikes, dips, and other trends in your logs with prebuilt and customizable monitoring dashboards. We offer log management experiences based on OpenSearch Dashboards as well as Explore, our fully-managed service built on OpenSearch.

Reduce MTTR and troubleshoot faster with Explore

  • Quickly, easily and effectively identify and debug issues with your logs, with AI-driven analysis and response steps
  • Use filters or auto-complete syntax tool to find the logs you need, and drill in using quick view panel
  • Get answers faster, start troubleshooting more quickly and reduce mean time to resolution (MTTR) with Explore

Zero-maintenance log collection and scaling with OpenSearch

  • Logz.io SaaS is based on OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards – the new open source versions of Elasticsearch and Kibana
  • Ship your logs from any stack at any scale — and our platform handles ingestion, storage, scaling up, and data security
  • Ask our support team to parse your logs for you, or use our Self-Service Log Parser to do it yourself
Zero-maintenance log collection and scaling with OpenSearch

Surface exceptions and errors automatically

  • Automatically surface exceptions and errors in your log data by hitting the Exceptions tab
  • Unlike other anomaly detection methods, Logz.io uses human-coached AI/ML — based on the collective experience of thousands of engineers — to uncover the errors and exceptions that matter most
  • IQ Assistant serves as an expert team member, enabling human users to unearth otherwise unseen problems

Log Management Purpose-Built to Reduce Costs

Data Optimization Hub provides a single place to inventory all incoming data, identify unused data, and filter out all unneeded log data – helping customers realize 30-50% cost reductions from filtered data. Toggle filters on and off to maintain complete control of data flow and costs.


Move your less valued data into a far less expensive storage based on Logz.io-hosted AWS S3 — without losing the ability to quickly query the data when needed. The flexible, cost-efficient data storage you need.

Cold TierCold Tier

Any log data being visualized on dashboards can be converted to LogMetrics – dramatically reducing log indexing costs. For example, rather than indexing all of your HTTP 200 logs from a specific service, you can convert all of them into a single time-series metric – which is $.0004/month with Logz.io


Full visibility into your environment in
one place

  • Unify your logs with metric and trace analytics for full visibility into the current state of your environment
  • Correlate metrics and traces with the relevant logs to quickly debug problems
  • Correlate changes in production with recent deployments to quickly roll back problematic code
    or configs
Full visibility into your environment in 
one place

Stay notified with real-time alerting

  • Build advanced alerts based on multiple queries and trigger conditions
  • Determine frequency to combat alert fatigue
  • Employ Alert Recommendations that use supervised machine learning to accelerate response
  • Stay notified via Slack, Opsgenie, PagerDuty, email,
    and other channels
Stay notified with real-time alerting

What our customers say

What our customers sayWhat our customers say

“What I consider a success, is when my engineering team feels comfortable enough with logging to quickly and easily gain visibility into production issues. Logz.io has been a key ingredient in making this happen, ultimately resulting in turning root cause analysis into a matter of a few minutes.”

Anton Drukh
VP Of Engineering, Snyk

What else can I do with Log Management?

Log Patterns

Easily identify recurring patterns in your log data to streamline your troubleshooting process.


Be proactive! Use a built-in powerful alerting engine to get notified on critical events via email, Slack, or PagerDuty.

Cognitive Insights

Uncover otherwise overlooked events with the help of machine learning and crowdsourcing.

Application Insights

Leverage anomaly detection to identify new errors and exceptions thrown by your applications.

Live Tail

See a live feed of your data being streamed from different data sources, in real-time.

ELK Apps

Access our free library of pre-made Kibana searches, alerts, visualizations, and dashboards for different log types and use cases.

Kibana Advisor

Receive pointers and suggestions to avoid common querying mistakes in Kibana.

Data Optimizer

Aggregate and save important data. Automate the process by configuring processors, including thresholds and scheduling rules.

Volume Analysis

Keep tabs on how much data you’re shipping for optimizing costs.

Smart Tiering

Move logs to cheaper log storage as they age.

Drop Filters

Ship all the logs you want and decide which data to actually ingest.

Sub Accounts

Segregate your Logz.io account into sub accounts, each with its own data allowance and account token.

Role Based Access

Manage permissions for your team and decide who has what type of access to which feature.

Audit Trail

Monitor actions being performed in your account. Filter actions as you see fit and export as a .CSV file for sharing and future reference.

User Control

Add as many users to your Logz.io account as you see fit. The number of allowed users depends on your plan.


Simplify accessing Logz.io by using your organization’s credentials (AD, OKTA, OneLogin).

24/7 Support

Who’s going to answer the phone in the middle of the night? Logz.io has you covered with 24/7 in-app chat support.


Logz.io is available on different cloud providers and across regions. Just take your pick.

Timeless Accounts

Use dedicated accounts for storing important data for extended periods of time.

Data Parsing

Parsing as a service - with automatic and manual parsing features to make your data readable.


Use secure API to access your data and use the other capabilities offered by Logz.io. Programmatically query your data, create alerts, gain insights, and more.

Field Mapping

Dynamically update Elasticsearch field mapping via a dedicated UI.


Share Kibana objects with your team members by sending snapshots of visualizations and dashboards.

Data Export

Export your log data to make it easier to share with your colleagues.


Schedule reports to track changes over time and meet compliance requirements.

Logz.io Log Management FAQs

What is logging as a service and how is it different from other log management tools?

Logging as a service (LaaS) refers to log management and analytics service deployed via SaaS – so the solution is deployed on the vendor’s infrastructure. Unlike self-hosted log management solutions, the cloud-native architectures of LaaS platforms enables seamless scalability and little manual maintenance.

What is the advantage of using open source log management solutions?

Open source log management solutions are great for many reasons! Here are some we think are the most important:

  • As cloud-native technologies grow in popularity and add complexity to your environment, ease of integration is becoming a key concern. Many open source logging tools (think Fluentd, FluentBit, and OpenSearch) are purpose-built to integrate with cloud-native environments.
  • Open source tools are built by community-driven innovation, and are improved and reviewed by millions of developers
  • Avoiding vendor lock-in can be difficult with proprietary software. Open source technologies are more likely to directly integrate with numerous observability backends, allowing for greater flexibility.
  • It’s free! Although as your data volumes grow, you may need to add and manage more components in the pipeline, which can create growing costs in engineering maintenance hours.
What is the difference between OpenSearch and Elasticsearch?

In January of 2021, Elastic, the company behind the ELK Stack, announced that it would shift to a licensing structure that is not recognized as open source. OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards were then forked from Elasticsearch and Kibana, respectively, by AWS – who now largely manages the projects. Learn more about OpenSearch and why we use it.

How can I reduce log management costs?

Logz.io offers numerous ways to reduce noisy data that needlessly drives up your overall costs. Our Data Optimization Manager allows users to easily identify and filter out unneeded data in a single UI. Additionally, customers can distribute their data across cost-efficient storage tiers depending on the data’s value and use case.

Your data is safe

Use a fully secure platform that adheres to strict data security rules.
Compliant with: PCI Level 1, SOC-2 Type II, HIPAA, GDPR and ISO-27001.
*For a copy of the SOC+HIPPA report, please contact your account executive.

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