Boston and Tel Aviv– April 11, 2018–, the leading provider of AI-powered log analysis reports their role in supporting Unity’s successful continuous integration while reducing costs and shortening their development cycles.  

Unity, the gaming brand behind popular games such as Assassin’s Creed, Temple Run, Satellite Reign, and Rust boasts over 700 million users and billions of downloads per month. As a result, Unity’s own developers are constantly pushing new code builds into the company’s continuous integration pipeline, which consists of approximately 250,000 builds a month.

Since monitoring the resulting logs was initially a time-consuming manual process, Unity’s Build Farm team sought an alternative that would make it easy to monitor and troubleshoot their logs. appealed to Unity’s team as it offered a centralized and hosted logging solution with proactive analysis tools, enabling them to gain more visibility into their data. Implementing helped Unity cut build time while giving developers the ability to identify problems earlier in the CI/CD process and improve code quality.

“ has really helped us gain insight from our own data. We had already tried an in-house ELK deployment, and the move to has proven itself as being extremely valuable to us. Their constant care for the product and their keen focus on what provides value for their customers has saved us both time and money we would otherwise have to spend on maintaining our own system” says Claus Nielsen, DevOps Engineer at Unity.

Unity has succeeded in using to optimize operations by creating dashboards and alerts to monitor cleanup scripts, enabling them to reduce irrelevant data so they can easily extract the important insights from the immense amount of data produced. As a result, they can swiftly define and troubleshoot issues and ensure their product continues to deliver high-quality games.

“We are proud of the success Unity has had in driving agility and innovation in their product development and gaining more visibility into their data,” says Asaf Yigal,VP Product of “Providing our customers with the tools to make their data meaningful and empowering them to gain valuable insights from their environment is what is all about. We take pride in Unity’s incredible accomplishment.”

Due to successes such as Unity, has been encouraged to continue building more innovative features into their product in order to help even more customers attain maximum value from machine data. This resulted in the company’s many feature releases such as Application Insights, Data Optimizer, Parsing, and Live Tail as well as their ambitious growth rate, which placed them in the top 100 fastest growing SaaS companies featured in last quarter’s SaaS1000.