Data Optimizer

Scale efficiently with your data

Break away from existing pricing and retention paradigms in the log analysis industry by aggregating important data over time.

Use advanced analytics to identify and summarize critical data

Store this data in dedicated accounts for longer retention

Automate the process with customized aggregation rules

Cut operational noise

Use a suite of enterprise-class analytics tools to reveal the logs that matter. Leverage advanced machine learning to automatically scan through your data and identify critical errors and exceptions. Investigate and resolve production issues faster using actionable and context-rich insights.

Optimize costs

Pay for retaining data you need! Use the Data Optimizer to aggregate and save important logs and metrics in Timeless Accounts. Depending on your use case, store the data for as long as you need. Automate the process with rules that define exactly what data to aggregate and into which account.


Meet the machine data analytics platform based on ELK & Prometheus that just works, no matter the scale.