Application Insights

Correlate application errors with changes in your environment

Gain enhanced visibility into Cloud Operations by identifying and revealing new application errors and exceptions, together with actionable and contextual data for faster resolution.

Identify errors and exceptions logged in your environment

Reduce the log noise by seeing only unique events

Correlate with production changes for better context

Detect critical events before they impact your business

Application Insights enables developers to identify issues early on in the development cycle. Providing analytics tools and contextual information on each event, Application Insights helps reduce time to resolution, and enables teams to be more agile.

Shorten development and deployment cycles

Every change you make can affect the stability of your environment. Application Insights identifies new exceptions being thrown, and correlates with changes applied in your environment such as new deployments or updates.


Application Insights is offered as part of the Logz.io ELK-as-a-Service platform and is open to all customers.

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