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Using’s cloud-native observability platform, gaming industry engineers are able to monitor their game performance and quickly dive into production issues that impact player experience.
Real-time performance monitoring for game launches

Monitor everything you need – from service performance, to player entrances, to in-game purchase errors – all in one place with unified log, metric, and trace analytics. Easily build overview dashboards to monitor your environment’s health and performance, and troubleshoot problems fast.

Easily manage your data, costs, and teams
Easily manage your data, costs, and teams

Gaming applications and infrastructure can generate huge volumes of data needed by various engineering teams – which can raise challenges around user access control and cost reduction. makes it easy to optimize costs by identifying and removing unneeded data with self-service tools and direct support. Additionally, admins can easily assign user access to specific data to gain compliance with key regulations.

" has really helped us gain insight from our own data. We had already tried an
in-house ELK deployment, and the move to has proven itself as being
extremely valuable to us. Their constant care for the product, and their keen focus on
what provides value for their customers, has saved us both time and money we would
otherwise have to spend on maintaining our own system."
Claus Nielsen
DevOps Engineer at Unity
“I didn’t quite understand how could be less than the figure on the website,” especially for something with the demands of a gaming company. But, amazingly, I learned that you can drop logs that you don’t need, reducing the data collects and making the monitoring process all the more efficient.”
Rory Riot
Technical Director of Fall Guys at Mediatonic
Ingest data from anywhere
Ingest data from anywhere

Ingest data from any application, any streaming platform, and any cloud service, including gaming-specific services like:

  • AWS GameLift
  • Azure PlayFab
  • Agones by GCP
  • Open Match by GCP
Cloud scale monitoring
Cloud scale monitoring has scaled monitoring for massive launches like the launch of Fall Guys. Our cloud-native SaaS platform can handle any data volume or any burst – while delivering fast queries every time to accelerate telemetry data analysis.

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