Financial services monitoring & Observability with

Financial Services organizations rely on complex infrastructure and applications to handle financial data, execute customer requests, and perform other business-critical tasks. With, DevOps teams can gain full visibility into the health and performance of their services and investigate production issues faster by analyzing and correlating their log, metric, and trace data together — while filtering out unneeded data to reduce costs. admins can easily segregate data into sub-accounts and assign users permissions to enforce compliance standards.

Full stack observability to correlate performance data with the business

Set alerts to identify production issues and investigate their root cause with high performance data search , visualization, and correlation. Monitor business metrics (such as successful transactions, new accounts, feature usage) alongside performance metrics (such as latency, resource saturation, and errors) in real time to understand how production health impacts the bottom line and other KPIs.

Cross organizational management across users and teams
Cross organizational management across users and teams

Financial Services organizations must gain compliance with complex standards that require cross-organizational management and user access controls. Admins can easily segregate data across teams into separate Sub Accounts and assign user access to specific accounts with Role-Based Access Control.

The most scalable way to embrace the best open source technologies
The most scalable way to embrace the best open source technologies

Financial services organizations running open source like Kuberenetes or Docker often choose open source observbability tools to gain visbility into their environments. is the only solution that unifies the best open source observability technologies for log, metric, and trace data — including the ELK Stack, Prometheus, and Jaeger — onto a single SaaS platform. Users get reliable and high-performance data anlytics at any scale.

“Using we were able to set up a dashboard where the Bambora support team could follow all operations within a transaction flow in order to answer questions like ‘why did X fail to capture transaction Y’ The dashboard shows all the info needed to quickly get an overview of the transaction insights.”
Magnus Beronius
DevOps at Bambora
Cut your monitoring & observability costs
Cut your monitoring & observability costs

As Financial Services business increasingly relies on digital products, telemetry data volumes and costs are spiking. helps control these costs with:

  • Cost visibility and predictability: Get a full view of the data volumes and associated costs per team. If needed, place volume caps on specific teams.
  • Data filtering: Our Customer Success Engineers will proactively identify and filter out unneeded data.
  • Smart Tiering: Reduce logging costs with storage tiers optimized for performance or availability.

See how ED&F Man Capital reduced their monitoring costs with

Keep sensitive data on’s highly secure and compliant service
Keep sensitive data on’s highly secure and compliant service centralizes all of your sensitive telemetry data on a PCI-DSS and SOC-2 Type ll compliant SaaS platform. Additionally, includes Single Sign-on, SAML, data encryption in transit and at rest, IP login restrictions, and other security capabilities to make sure your data is safe.