At, we recently announced the release of App 360, a new solution that aims to shift the paradigm around application performance monitoring (APM) systems. 

To better give our customers a look at the new solution within the Open 360™ platform for essential observability, we recently hosted a webinar explaining App 360 in greater depth and provided a detailed product demonstration. Let’s take a closer look at the key highlights and insights we shared during the webinar.

The core focus of the discussion was on App 360 and its role in providing a unified view of key signals—logs, metrics, and traces for application monitoring and health. 

We emphasized the significance of simplifying the complexity associated with distributed systems, particularly in environments utilizing technologies like Kubernetes and microservices.

Check out the full webinar replay here, and a recap below:


An Overview of Critical App 360 Features

During the webinar, we outlined several features aimed at simplifying observability and enhancing the overall user experience for users of App 360.

A key component of App 360 is Service Map, offering a visual representation of how services communicate across logs, metrics, and traces. This tree-structured map allows users to correlate performance with deployments and gain insights into dependencies and communication pathways.

Service Overview, meanwhile, unifies the essential telemetry data from your infrastructure and applications in a single data analysis interface — all while requiring minimal configuration. Service Overview makes it easy to spot high-level performance trends across your microservices and get fast insights into the current state of your microservices performance in a single place.

Another tool involved here is Easy Connect—which is designed to provide instrumentation from Kubernetes infrastructure without requiring code modifications. It aims to streamline the process of selecting and instrumenting services, enhancing visibility without the need for extensive manual intervention.

Comparing App 360 to Traditional APMs

During the webinar, we spent time discussing the challenges associated with traditional APM solutions. There’s massive complexity in data collection, as well as the lack of control over data extraction, and the potential for high costs. believes App 360 is a cost-effective alternative, focusing on delivering core APM functionality without unnecessary overhead. It’s born in the cloud and purpose-built to meet the needs of today’s complex microservices architectures.

We concluded the webinar with a detailed product demonstration showcasing how App 360 facilitates troubleshooting and instrumentation. We looked at anomaly detection, correlation of metrics, logs, and traces, and demonstrated the ease of instrumenting services using Easy Connect.

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