Trying Out OpenSearch with

Trying Out OpenSearch

I’m excited to see our vision for an open source path forward for Elasticsearch and Kibana taking shape with OpenSearch

Since Elastic announced its intent to close-source Elasticsearch and Kibana, we’ve been working in full gear to have an open source path forward for these projects. This is our commitment to our users, this is our commitment to the community. 

We’ve collaborated with AWS and others to fork Elasticsearch and Kibana and create OpenSearch.

It’s exciting to see our engineers contributing to OpenSearch. 

It’s no less exciting seeing our engineers getting our own services running OpenSearch just a week after the first version has been released.

Yes, you see it right! That’s OpenSearch Dashboards you’re seeing here integrated on!

It’s just the beginning of the journey. OpenSearch is still in Alpha, and it will take a couple of more months for the open source to be production ready.

But our team is hard at work on this project, and this milestone is certainly worth celebrating. We’re progressing quickly, and the near future looks mighty promising!

Stay tuned!

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