Announcing OpenSearch: Doubling Down on Open Source

Today, I’m excited to officially announce our support for the OpenSearch project, the new fork of the Elasticsearch and Kibana codebases. As we previously shared, has the utmost commitment to its customers and the community to ensure that these open-source technologies will prosper by being built for the community and guided by the community.   

Ever since Elastic announced its intention to transition Elasticsearch and Kibana to a proprietary dual license, the open source community has been hard at work setting in motion a better path forward. This community would maintain, safeguard and innovate within these essential open source projects which have been led astray for quite some time by commercial interests, versus the interests of the user community. It’s time for a better path forward for everyone, not just the few.  

And, since the change of license, we’ve been working closely with the AWS engineering teams to help define the necessary changes to the code base along with assisting in leading the new project planning. At, we felt that a community-driven, open-source approach will be the true enabler for future Elasticsearch and Kibana innovation. We carry that attitude over to these new, truly open-source projects in partnership with other organizations, enthusiasts, and creators. Engineering is hard at work developing new capabilities for these two projects. To implement them, we plan to collaborate with AWS and the community to create deeper visibility, higher scalability, and better operability for OpenSearch (derived from Elasticsearch 7.10.2) and OpenSearch Dashboards (derived from Kibana 7.10.2).

Today’s announcement is an important sign of progress in the right direction. It’s a true testament to the strength of the philosophy and methods of the open source movement. Despite setbacks, the community’s will and demand continue to fuel this open credo around design, engineering, and production. 

We’re excited to play a leading role in this endeavor, and just as excited to work with the broader open source community to iterate, enhance and uplift this essential technology. 

If you’re interested in joining us, please check out the Github repo here (OpenSearch) and here (OpenSearch Dashboards).

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