Tyto Care: Accelerating Telehealth in the Fight against COVID-19

Accelerate Telehealth: Coronavirus and the Partnership between Logz.io and Tyto Care

At Logz.io, our team has the opportunity to partner with many cutting edge technology companies and products from different trades. Many have a crucial mission and help save lives worldwide. In the fight against the novel coronavirus, telehealth is one such sector. 

It compels us to do all we can to support these organizations by improving application accessibility and performance for users who need it. One of our customers epitomizes this—Tyto Care. Tyto Care is a healthcare pioneer. Their all-in-one modular device and telehealth platform for remote medical exams on-demand is gamechanging. 

Not surprisingly, Tyto Care is engaged globally to support healthcare organizations in the fight against COVID-19. They recently announced that hospital and health partners in the US, Europe, and Israel will extend services to remote examinations of quarantined patients. This provides health professionals with the clinical data required to make informed treatment decisions in line with social distancing. Of increasing importance, it will add to the compilation of reliable data that local and national governments need to weigh how to strategically and steadily reopen locked down parts of the global economy.

Talk about a mission and technology that anyone can get behind.

In for Observation: Telehealth Logs and Observability

With the demand for these services increasing, Tyto Care engaged Logz.io around its commitment to supporting organizations focused on the health and safety of patients during COVID-19. Increased device and mobile app usage at all hours of the day and night by both patients and clinicians, results in increased log volume and heightens the need for Logz.io’s services to help monitor and troubleshoot their production environment over the course of the pandemic.

Tyto Care already leverages our Log Management solution to centralize and manage all logs containing anonymous and non-medical information. Tyto Care logs come from a range of systems, including its servers, devices, mobile apps and clinician stations. 

As a result, Tyto Care will now benefit from increased capacity to ship more non-medical data to troubleshoot production issues during the pandemic’s period of high usage and volume.

“As the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic strengthens, we are helping to flatten the curve and ease the burden on healthcare providers serving quarantined and isolated patients,” said Dedi Gilad, Tyto Care CEO and co-founder. “During this critical period, it’s important to have partners like Logz.io to support us and ensure we are delivering a faster, safer and consistent experience for patients and clinicians.” 

Because of Coronavirus, Telehealth Picks Up Steam as Bulwark of Medical Accessibility

Tyto Care will continue to ship their logs to Logz.io to analyze and visualize the data in real-time to safeguard user experience. Tyto Care also leverages Logz.io’s Alerts to monitor real-time production edge cases in the user experience on their mobile apps.  

State authorities, the CDC, and federal government have recognized telemedicine’s potential and even kinetic role managing the pandemic. Tyto Care’s diagnostic devices and technology are in high demand. It helps patients stay out of emergency rooms and clinics, while retaining accessibility to care during the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequently, healthcare groups and partner hospitals the world over are working with Tyto Care to accelerate their preparation and prevention efforts. Additionally, in Israel, Tyto Care has deployed in nearly every hospital nationwide.

Logz.io does not take lightly the obligation to support Tyto Care’s observability and log management. To support Tyto Care and other healthcare organizations, we continue to enhance the resiliency and performance of our platform. In this challenging global environment, we are committed to serving our customers. Altogether, prioritizing the health and safety of all of our users, partners, employees worldwide is central to Logz.io’s mission.

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