The recent COVID-19 pandemic poses global challenges and at the same time, stresses the importance of technologies like in supporting businesses and critical infrastructure around the world. Today, supports multiple healthcare, financial and critical infrastructure organizations around the world and we know they are relying on us to ensure their services function at the highest level. We continue to prioritize the availability and resiliency of the service and we wanted to share information about our readiness level and the steps we are taking to cope with the situation as it unfolds. In addition, we have chosen to offer for free to certain health organizations during the crisis.

Employees and Customers

Our first priority is always the people. As such, we have initiated our own plan for the pandemic, and have taken a couple of steps to reduce the risk of infection. We have

  1. Ceased all international business travel,
  2. Minimized all face-to-face meetings, and
  3. Have introduced a flexible policy that lets employees to work from home

We continue to be attentive to the local authorities in each country we operate in, reacting and respecting any decision that is being made in order to ensure the safety and well-being of our employees, as well as their ability to support our customers. Service

At, the resiliency and performance of our system is a critical part of our mission. Over the years, we have invested in ways to increase the availability and resiliency of across the technology stack and the teams that support it. is a multi-cloud, multi-region SaaS operation and it takes advantage of multi-location, multi-geography distribution. The critical teams that are responsible for the availability of the systems are spread across three different countries.

As stated in our internal policies and audited in our SOC2-II, PCI Level 1, ISO 27001 and other documents, has an internal business continuity plan and is working according to it while continuing to closely monitor global developments.

The service is offered on a globally distributed scale. It runs both on AWS and Azure, on six different regions worldwide, and with internal availability zones—each using a multi-availability-zone setup. 

In light of that and combined with our well-rehearsed DR procedure, we can ensure the continuity of our service, even in case of a failure of one of our cloud providers or one of its regions. In extreme cases, we can move customers between regions and clouds to maintain higher levels of availability. has engineering representatives in Tel Aviv, Boston, Buenos Aires, and Kyiv. This gives us the acuity to continue operating our production environment and customer support even in the most severe cases. 

Supporting the Fight against COVID-19

In addition, we know that many of you are hard at work creating treatments, technology, and research to combat the growing COVID-19 pandemic. Whether you work in healthcare and are treating the sick or are a biotech startup developing a cure, we’d like to do our part by supporting your efforts. 

So during these difficult times, we’re offering organizations fighting against COVID-19 free access to To get started, please share how you’re working to fight COVID-19.  We thank you for your dedication to making the world a safer place.

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to speak with us through our or your account manager.

Stay safe.

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