Announcing Service Performance Monitoring in Early Access Service Performance Monitoring

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the early access of our Service Performance Monitoring capability.

As today’s DevOps teams know all too well, monitoring application requests in modern microservices architectures is extremely difficult. Requests typically travel across a vast ecosystem of microservices and, as a result, it is often a significant challenge to pinpoint a specific failure in one of these underlying services.


Distributed Tracing offers an effective way to analyze the journey of specific requests. With Distributed Tracing, it’s easy to understand the latency and errors that are involved in every operation your application and infrastructure support. 

Last year, we launched our Distributed Tracing service to provide this functionality as a managed service based on the best of breed open source project: Jaeger Tracing by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Distributed Tracing Distributed Tracing

Using distributed tracing tools such as Jaeger, you can examine individual requests by locating their specific traces and then quickly move to investigate potential problems. The timeline view in the Jaeger UI further highlights the paths that a certain request is traversing and quickly pinpoints any bottleneck or unusual eronomous behavior. 

In a system that emits millions of traces, however, it is difficult and time-consuming to locate performance bottlenecks. Getting a bird’s eye view into your systems’ health metrics can help quickly locate anomalies and spikes in services or specific operations, and offers a better way to monitor your performance.

To address this challenge, joined forces with the open source community to enhance Jaeger and OpenTelemetry to support Service Performance Monitoring by collecting and aggregating trace data and calculating R.E.D. metrics for your services and operations based on the trace data. 

We’ve enhanced the OpenTelemetry Collector to calculate trace metrics from the ingested trace data, such as request latency, request rate, and error rate and contributed this enhancement to the OpenTelemetry open source project to benefit the community. 

We further enhanced the Jaeger to store and intelligently query the metrics coming from the OpenTelemetry Collector, and added a monitoring dashboard to Jaeger UI that shows a high-level view of the service level metrics. 

We contributed these enhancements to the open source projects for the benefit of the community, and integrated them into Distributed Tracing managed service as the foundation of the Service Performance Monitoring capability. 

Service performance monitoring helps you monitor and detect system issues faster than ever.  If you’d like to join the early access program, contact us at

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