Register for ScaleUP Security on March 10 is launching its first event focused exclusively on security — ScaleUP Security. The 90-minute virtual event will introduce users and security experts to security researchers using Cloud SIEM, the team’s perspective on dynamics in the market, and finally our product roadmap. 

ScaleUP Security is the first in a series of ScaleUP breakout events throughout 2021. Talks will address developments near and dear to SOCs, MSSPs, enterprises, developers, and other stakeholders in the midst and mist of cloud security.

Join us for some extremely topical discussions, including: 

First, CTO Jonah Kowall will present his vision of cloud security. He’ll address evolving industry standards, the implementation of Zero Trust, and incorporating SaaS into a strategy to cover more ground.

Next, Oded Vanunu will talk about his job as the head of Check Point Software Technology’s products vulnerability research. Vanunu is looking forward to outlining 2021’s best practices for id’ing and plugging vulnerabilities, as well as hunting down hackers. He will also detail how cybercrime syndicates behind those hacks actually work, from their structure down to the roles each cog and gear in the cyber security process.

Next up, Milind Adari, information security engineer for the Associated Press, will talk about leading a small team to secure the AP’s servers and data. He’ll cover the way the AP incorporates Cloud SIEM to enhance  observability into their operations, establish efficient alerting, and keep the media machine running smoothly.

Finally, you’ll hear from’s own Smadar Paradise-Avinir, our director of product management. She will present our product roadmap for Cloud SIEM for 2021 and into 2022. It will give a snapshot into our vision, as well as our practical application of solving the industry’s most pressing problems as Cloud SIEM evolves.

Everything starts at 10:00 AM EST on Wednesday, March 10!

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