As with many things in 2020, this year’s AWS re:Invent was quite different from any previous iterations. For starters, instead of a week of live talks, face-to-face sessions, and a room full of booths, this year the event was fully online and stretched out  for three weeks.

As sponsors of this year’s event, we were excited to participate and continue to make an impact on the AWS community. Over 565 people visited our booth to hear more about our Cloud Observability Platform and our newest offerings: Distributed Tracing based on Jaeger and Prometheus-as-a-Service

In addition, nearly 175 booth visitors demoed our offerings, seeing their capabilities in action. 

If you didn’t get the chance, watch our demo below:


Re:Invent Product Announcements

As we mentioned, at re:Invent, we shared the news about the general availability of Distributed Tracing. In case you haven’t heard, Distributed Tracing offers Jaeger-as-a-service with added features such as alerting and log-trace correlation. You can learn more about Distributed Tracing here.

We also unveiled for the very first time, the early availability of Prometheus-as-a-Service. This new addition to Infrastructure Monitoring will allow teams to leverage all the best parts of Prometheus (like its cloud-native integrations) without the less-fun parts (like storing metrics over long periods of time). Get more information on this new offering here. Talks

DevOps Pulse 2020 Results

What do 1,000 people have to say about open source observability? Our CTO, Jonah Kowall, shared everyday experiences and trends based on insights and feedback from over 1000 engineers around the world. If you missed it, check out his talk here.

How Does AWS Support Mid-to-Late-Stage Ventures?

As a proud participant in AWS’s partnership ecosystem for startups, our CEO, Tomer Levy is in a unique position to share his experiences with AWS and their special programs for mid-to-late stage ventures. His talk at Re:Invent went through some of their special programs and the role AWS plays in startup growth.

TheCube Interview

This year, Tomer Levy had the opportunity to chat with Keith Townsend, from theCube on why he started and his vision for open source observability. He touched upon the problems engineers today face when they use open source tools for observability and how our solutions were created to solve these issues. Check out their conversation here.

Jam Session

This year’s Re:Invent offered a variety of gamified sessions showcasing AWS’s various services and tools, tools, and offerings. We offered our own Jam Session, hosted by CTO Jonah Kowall., Wewhich gave participants 45 minutes to find both operational and security issues using dashboards and searches in Kibana, our AI/ML-powered Exceptions, and more.

The session was a real hit getting great feedback from participants as well as providing an engaging learning experience.

Thanks to those who participated and made it a blast!

Raffles and Giveaways

Re:Invent wouldn’t be Re:Invent without prizes and swag galore!

This year, we raffled off some fabulous work from home gear and gave away cool t-shirts to anyone who met with our product experts.

Check out the awesome t-shirt design below!

Re:Invent 2020 may have been different, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. We enjoyed connecting with everyone in the DevOps, open source, and cloud communities and can’t wait until next year when we can (hopefully) see you in person!

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