Introducing Multiple Shipping Tokens for Accounts

We’re excited to share that we’ve revamped our Shipping Tokens feature!

If you’re a user, you’re familiar with the key role tokens play in shipping and protecting your data. As a form of virtual identification, tokens help us properly attribute data to the right account. They are required in a variety use cases such as log shipping, API access, and read access. And in addition, they are also mandatory for compliance.

We offer three different types of tokens:

  1. Log shipping tokens are used in shipper configurations to direct data to your account.
  2. API tokens are identifiers added to your API
  3. Shared tokens enable you to share dashboards with people who have not registered to your account.

So what can you expect to see in this new update? Let’s take a deeper dive!

New Look

For starters, we’ve enhanced the look and feel of the tokens UI to make it easier to navigate. Now, you can see all your tokens in one place and move between tabs for Log shipping, API, and Shared Tokens.

The New UI for Managing Shipping Tokens

The New UI for Managing Shipping Tokens

Managing your tokens is easy. If you’re an admin, you have full control over your tokens and can create or delete them at any time.

Multiple Log Shipping Tokens Per Account

Pro and Enterprise users can now enjoy up to 5 Log Shipping tokens per account. This will make it easier to share tokens across multiple sub accounts and rotate them for security and compliance.

Your account admin can easily manage each token, name them, disable, and enable them as needed by selecting an account., then selecting  > Tools > Manage tokens and finally selecting the Log shipping tokens tab.

See how it works below!

Taking Control of your Account

Having multiple tokens gives your admin more control over your account. They can allocate tokens to key members of your team or contractors working on a project.

Once a person is no longer at your company, you can delete or disable tokens at the admin’s discretion, without requiring help from the support team. The result is easier collaboration and more fluid workflows.

In addition, you can now rotate your tokens on a regular basis to prevent third parties from gaining access. This improves your business’s security and compliance standards, and makes you less susceptible to external threats.

We’re excited to offer our Pro and Enterprise customers multiple shipping tokens to bring more flexibility to your team and increase your security and compliance standards. As always, we’re glad to hear your feedback so we can continue to improve. Feel free to share your input with


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