Logz.io Cloud SIEM Available on AWS AppFabric at Launch

Logz.io is honored to have our Cloud SIEM as one of the products available as part of the launch of AWS AppFabric. For customers invested in AWS, this inclusion allows you to use our cloud-based, agile SIEM seamlessly alongside other critical SaaS applications.

Now generally available, AWS AppFabric quickly connects SaaS applications across the organization so IT and security teams can easily manage and secure applications using a standard schema, and employees can complete everyday tasks faster using generative AI. 

Customers can use AppFabric to natively connect SaaS productivity and security applications to  each other, automatically normalizing application data for administrators to set common policies, empower employees to get answers quickly, automate task management, and generate insights with a common generative AI assistant.

As a result, Logz.io Cloud SIEM is now available to help more customers realize the promise of  cloud security monitoring, investigation and response that’s flexible and agile without building costly point-to-point integrations. This will help businesses break down data silos between applications that improve cross-application workflows, security observability, and employee productivity.

Logz.io is an AWS Advanced Technology Partner with AWS Competency designations for Security, DevOps, and Data & Analytics. We provide integrations to dozens of AWS services to better enable our customers and our offerings are directly available in the AWS Marketplace.

Break Down Silos with AppFabric and Logz.io Cloud SIEM Solution

For many enterprises, it proves difficult and time consuming to get their numerous SaaS applications working together in a cohesive and efficient manner. Developing and maintaining point-to-point integrations is most often a burdensome effort carried out across multiple teams, compromising employee productivity.

Using Logz.io Cloud SIEM alongside AppFabric, you can now easily connect your applications in minutes – no coding required, reducing operational headaches and costs. You’ll also achieve increased visibility across SaaS application data to elevate your security posture and soon gain increased ability to automatically perform tasks across applications with generative AI.

Moreover, through this extended partnership between Logz.io and AWS, you can utilize a modern, cloud-native SIEM compatible with AppFabric. Logz.io’s fully managed cloud-based SIEM solution rapidly analyzes large volumes of security data, helping lean security teams pinpoint threats and do more with less. Using out-of-the-box functionality combined with analytics and machine learning (ML), you can apply SIEM best practices to event analysis and improve the security posture while boosting application performance across distributed environments.

Logz.io accelerates your time to insights by running rapid queries and maintaining high availability across numerous storage tiers in Amazon S3. Because it’s built on open source technology with deep integrations into AWS solutions, including Amazon OpenSearch, security architects can make the most of their existing skills and knowledge starting from day one.

Why Choose Logz.io Cloud SIEM with AppFabric?

Simplify Integration

  • Easily establish connections in minutes, reducing operational headaches and costs
  • Eliminate the complexities of connecting, and managing multiple SaaS applications
  • Boost employee productivity through simple SaaS integrations

Enhance Your Security Posture 

  • Gain increased visibility across your SaaS application data and elevate your security posture 
  • Pinpoint threats efficiently and easily manage user access across multiple applications
  • Ingest normalized audit logs in the Open Cybersecurity Schema Framework (OCSF) across your SaaS applications

Modern Cloud-Native SIEM: 

  • Leverage a modern, cloud-native SIEM as part of the AppFabric service
  • Logz.io’s fully-managed solution rapidly analyzes large volumes of security data, empowering lean security teams to do more with less
  • Apply SIEM best practices, utilize analytics and machine learning, and improve security posture while enhancing application performance across distributed environments

Deep Integration with AWS: 

  • Logz.io accelerates your time to insights by running rapid queries and maintaining high availability across numerous storage tiers in Amazon S3 
  • Built on open-source technology with deep integrations into AWS solutions, including Amazon OpenSearch, Logz.io enables security architects to maximize their existing skills and knowledge from Day 1

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Customers can begin to use Logz.io Cloud SIEM with AWS AppFabric immediately at aws.amazon/appfabric. You can also sign up for a demo of Logz.io Cloud SIEM here.

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