Logz.io Extends Alert Communications via Microsoft Teams Integration

Microsoft Teams Integration

If you’re a DevOps practitioner working in a Microsoft-centric environment, you’ll be pleased to learn that Logz.io recently added support for the popular Teams communications hub to help broadcast pressing alerts and other monitoring data.

The integration comes on the heels of making the Logz.io platform directly available from within the Azure Console and expands organizations’ abilities to communicate and share notifications about everything from log data to security events. The project was launched at the behest of numerous customers, mirroring existing Logz.io integrations with endpoint communications platforms like ServiceNow and Slack.

Similar to those integrations, Microsoft Teams users can engage the integration by merely creating a new endpoint destination within one of our products and selecting Teams from the handy dropdown endpoint types menu. You can generate detailed messages covering specific alert details by inserting a webhook URL into their Teams channel, for ongoing communications. 

In addition to information on each alert, the Logz.io-Teams integration also provides specific capabilities to launch related investigation steps. For instance, metrics customers will be able to set up communications to inform them when a particular alert is no longer relevant.

So why is this all so important beyond helping Teams users stay in the loop? 

As our CTO Jonah Kowall noted in his most recent article for Forbes, streamlining these types of communications is critical for DevOps teams that own service delivery, availability of infrastructure, and associated applications.

“Monitoring was normally an afterthought, implemented when applications were being deployed and developers or vendors provided requirements to the IT Operations team to set up monitoring to detect issues. When these alerts fire, the team would investigate and then escalate to the developers or vendors who owned the code,” Jonah notes in the piece. 

“The decoupling of services enables different teams to move faster independently of one another and release rapidly, which increases the velocity of each team to deliver business needs more quickly… As DevOps teams continue to implement more of their applications using microservices and containers along with breaking down monolithic applications into smaller components, the need for observability will only become more pressing,” he concludes.

On the Teams front, it would appear that the swelling ranks of remote workers and general uptake of Microsoft platforms are driving significant uptake of the communications system.

According to a recent news report from ZDNet, use of Teams is continuing to “grow like gangbusters” increasing to 250 million monthly active users in July (up from roughly 145 million daily active users as recently as April 2021 Home oh no).

Back in April 2020, ZDNet noted that Microsoft was reporting only 75 million daily active Teams users. Along with any organic growth, Microsoft officials are crediting the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic as the major source of this increased adoption.

At Logz.io, our emphasis continues to be focused on providing customers with the specific capabilities that they need to extend and accelerate their observability practices. If you’re a client that thinks you can benefit from some additional integration or product feature, we’re always thrilled to hear from you.

So, let us know, and stay tuned for additional updates.

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