Logz.io Delivers Cloud-Native Monitoring to the Azure Marketplace

Logz.io is proud to launch a new partnership with Microsoft that enables Azure customers to directly integrate with Logz.io’s platform from within the Azure Console. This integration importantly allows Azure developers to begin monitoring their workloads faster than ever before, using the open-source technologies that their teams love.

Check out this video for a demonstration of how it works.


We believe this new effort delivered through native integration via the Azure Marketplace represents a major step forward for cloud monitoring in general, as the countless developers working within the Azure ecosystem can now launch observability into Azure with a few simple clicks. Integration is automatic, with no manual instrumentation necessary. 

Through the integration, Azure users can begin shipping their log data to Logz.io in minutes without deploying any new code. From within Azure, they can also create an account, directly add sub accounts, set up SSO with Active Directory (if so desired), and choose which logs they want to send to Logz.io for storage and analysis. This includes activity logs, data from multiple Azure resources and log files from virtual machines.

Marketplace users can also ship their logs to Logz.io Cloud SIEM to centralize, visualize, and prioritize security events from across their Azure environments.

This direct access to Logz.io insights will enable engineers to identify problems faster, speed application response time, and increase service availability for dev and operations teams. With the huge range of tools currently available for monitoring containers, databases and message queues, among other sources, consolidation of telemetry data is a growing necessity for today’s software organizations.

“Our partnership with Logz.io will accelerate innovation within the engineering community, enabling teams to seamlessly launch Logz.io observability tools and rapidly build and monitor their products, while providing customers with a centralized portal management for billing and support for their Azure Deployments,” said Julia Liuson, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Developer Division.

 “This partnership represents a massive opportunity for engineering and DevOps teams to build and optimize their mission critical applications using the open-source tools they love,” said Tomer Levy, Founder and CEO at Logz.io. “By creating a seamless, low friction way to utilize Logz.io in the Azure environment and streamline the entire process, we believe that this native integration, offered through Azure Marketplace will become a de facto resource for many new and existing customers.”

Logz.io delivers advanced log analysis and visualization together in a single platform – along with critical capabilities including correlation and alerting – to enable users to identify emerging issues and pinpoint related troubleshooting. Data visualization and dashboarding with exception and trend highlighting further accelerates users’ abilities to interpret the involved data.

In the past, engineers were required to perform manual instrumentation in order to connect Azure with Logz.io.  Now, that process  is automatic. And there’s also the important issue of reduced cost. Shipping logs via the native integration in Marketplace offers organizations a considerably lower price based on a unique “pay for what you use” model.

Importantly, this partnership consolidates the strengths of Azure and Logz.io, greatly simplifying the process of getting started with Azure monitoring. Backed by streamlined, predictable pricing and integration into the Marketplace billing process, it has never been easier or more cost effective for engineering and DevOps teams to employ the open source applications monitoring that they need!

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