Engineering teams hoping to gain full-stack observability into their environment need access to the relevant logs, metrics, and traces generated by their cloud infrastructure and applications.

Accessing the relevant data quickly is essential – not just because it is more convenient, but because faster engineers are also business-critical for many organizations. The faster engineers can navigate their observability data, the faster they can resolve production issues that could impact digital customer experiences. unifies log, metric, and trace data in a centralized platform so engineers can quickly connect the dots across data types to investigate the root cause of problems. We’ve recently updated our user interface – which we call’s New Lookz – to enable a more seamless multi-product experience.

And now, has further enhanced the platform experience so our customers can explore their data and capabilities faster than ever.

Announcing the Search Bar

With speed in mind, we’re is excited to announce the Search Bar, which will allow our users to search for various items instantly.

Users will be able to seamlessly navigate across the platform to their favorite data visualizations, critical alerts, and other items in seconds. This makes more convenient and can even help users investigate production issues faster.

Below are a few examples of items you can search for:

  • Log alerts
  • Metric alerts
  • Kibana visualizations
  • Log dashboards
  • Metric visualizations
  • Metric dashboards
  • Kibana saved searches 
  • Security rules

For example, the user below finds some interesting trends within an ELB log monitoring dashboard, and quickly navigates to an ELB metrics monitoring visualization via the Search Bar.

Announcing the New Search Bar
Announcing the New Search Bar

The Search Bar will also remember recent searches to help users find often-needed assets.’s Commitment to the Platform Experience started out focused on log management and analytics. As we’ve broadened our scope to a full-blown observability platform –- unifying logs, metrics, and traces together –- we’ve added new capabilities to make it faster and easier to navigate multiple products looking at different data types.

The Search Bar is the latest enhancement to a platform aimed at simplifying navigation across multiple products, capabilities, and data types. Others include data correlation and’s New Lookz.

Wouldn’t it be nice to see all your log, metric, and trace data together on a unified dashboard? Stay tuned for this year’s ScaleUp

Got feedback? As always, reach out through our Support chat to make any suggestions.

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