Logz.io’s New Lookz is Generally Available!

New Lookz Generally Available New UI

Back in June, we announced the Public Beta for Logz.io’s New Lookz – which is a new UI that completely changes the way users navigate across Logz.io products and features. The Public Beta gave users the option to toggle between the old and new UIs to see which one they liked better. 

And the answer from our users was as clear as it could be. 

The vast majority of people who tried the new UI didn’t go back, which is why we’re confidently announcing that Logz.io’s New Lookz is Generally Available for all Logz.io users. As you may have found out by logging into the platform, this announcement sunsets Logz.io’s old UI.

There are no functional changes to the platform – just a more logical, lean, and intuitive way to navigate across it. We’ve moved all the products to the left menu. And all the features (that are not in the data analytics UI) were moved to sub menus, which can be accessed by hovering over the relevant product.  

New Lookz - the new UI for Logz.io
New Lookz – the new UI for Logz.io

During the Public Beta, we got some feedback that users often accidentally opened product sub menus by hovering over products, when the intention was to click on a feature within the data analytics UI. For this reason, we added an arrow button which pins the sub menus within each product.

Sub-Menu Arrow
Sub-Menu Arrow

This prevents users from accidentally opening up the sub menus. Once pinned, users can access the sub menus by clicking on the relevant product, rather than hovering. 

So why did we do it?

While Logz.io is best known for our logging product (our name gives this one away), we now offer a complete observability platform and Cloud SIEM. This means we needed a smarter way to deliver a platform experience that allows users to seamlessly navigate across the products. 

Now, users can quickly and intuitively switch between products and access the relevant features.

Have some feedback? Find a bug? As always, let us know in the Support chat 🙂

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