When Logz.io was founded in 2015, we set out to simplify logging with the ELK Stack by delivering Elasticsearch and Kibana as a managed cloud service. 

But logs only tell part of the story – DevOps teams also need metric and trace data to better monitor the health and performance of their environment and quickly pinpoint the root cause of new problems. Importantly, using multiple tools to collect and analyze this data adds complexity and extra work. 

For this reason, we’ve added an Infrastructure Monitoring (metrics analytics) product based on Prometheus and a Distributed Tracing product based on Jaeger – providing one platform to centralize and analyze logs, metrics, and traces. We’ve also added a full blown SIEM so teams can gain better visibility into security threats, vulnerabilities, and attacks with their log data.

With Logz.io’s New Lookz, we’ve reorganized our UI to make navigating the platform faster, easier, and more intuitive. You’ll see our product portfolio together and can quickly jump between them. 

Not only that, you’ll also find product features in a consolidated format – requiring less clicks to manage and analyze your monitoring data.

The new navigation experience is in Public Beta, meaning you can try it for yourself! See the directions below to enable it within the Logz.io app.


We hope this change makes cloud monitoring and observability with Logz.io a more seamless experience. If you’re not a fan, you can switch back to the old platform experience. But please be sure to tell us why in the chat bot.

#Note: The new UI will be available immediately in all supported regions except, Azure-West Europe, which will be live in about two weeks.

Happy monitoring!

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