Dormakaba EMEA Finds Reliable, Secure and Scalable Logging with

dormakaba EMEA finds scalable and secure logging with

As the team responsible for building dormakaba’s first cloud-access control solution, Exivo, the Cloud Development team at dormakaba AS EMEA needed a logging solution that with scalable logging throughout their global environment, handle a large amount of throughput, be piped through an API, and remain highly secure so it could be implemented on the doors and entry systems the company produces. was the perfect fit for these requirements.

Secure Scalability

In addition to’s scalability and focus on security, the dormakaba team selected due to their offering of a fully managed service. They wanted their engineers to focus on developing their solution rather than maintaining additional tooling on the operations level.

After becoming customers, the dormakaba team encountered an issue caused by a number of 503 errors originating from their web server. Normally, correlating these errors with such a huge amount of log data is very challenging and time consuming. However, with’s machine learning feature, Cognitive Insights, they were able to find these errors inside their log data and resolve the underlying issue quickly.

In addition,’s customer success and support team is on hand with help and advice for dormakaba and can ensure quick help, even in critical situations.

As dormakaba cloud software engineer Robin Fehr puts it, “If you need a solution that scales with you and you don’t want to host it yourself, you can go with, which is still one of the most praiseworthy solutions out there.”

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