Introducing the OpenObservability Talks Podcast


We’ve recently launched the OpenObservability Talks on June 25th, this is a continuation of the OpenObservability Conference we put together on May 27th. Following the ethos and discussions from the conference, we intend to talks, panels, and bits on Open-source Observability.

So if you’d like to watch the talk live on the last Thursday of the month, follow us at or and be part of the conversation.

If you miss the live session, we will be posting it at the YouTube channel as well as releasing it as a podcast, you can subscribe to it at

Episode 1: Jack Neely

Our first episode had us hosting Jack Neely from 42 Lines where he gave his Five Tips on Application Monitoring with Prometheus talk. If you’d like to watch the recording it’s available here

Expanded from a lightning talk given at Monitorama PDX 2019, Jack gives five tips to open your mind about the power of Prometheus. It includes tricks to build dynamic threshold alerts, overcoming the limitations of the Prometheus histogram type for monitoring latency and events, and building SLO alerts that actually work.

A fun little quote and take away from the talk is this “Do you trust your service discovery? I don’t trust your service discovery? I don’t trust my service discovery! One of the fun problems in Prometheus is realizing services whenever failed there is no data, therefore, there’s new data to alert on pairing the up metric with the absent function is one of the few cases I advocate for.”

And if you want to listen to the episode via your favourite podcasting platform they’re available at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Breaker, and Anchor.

Next Episode

The next episode will be on July 30th, so keep an eye out for details on Twitter and if you have any ideas for what you’d like to see in future episodes please submit a talk to or email us at about anything you’d like to see (or hear).

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