Observability in the Cloud-Native Age: Announcing the DevOps Pulse 2020

DevOps Pulse 2020

It’s that time of year again — the DevOps Pulse 2020 is here! Last year, nearly 1,000 engineers around the world provided their insights in the DevOps Pulse 2019 so we could get the community’s perspective on the growth and challenges associated with observability, cloud monitoring and more.

As we discovered in last year’s DevOps Pulse, observability is still a major challenge for many organizations. And according to our respondents, the biggest technological obstacle to observability is serverless architecture — one of many influential cloud-native technologies.

Going Cloud-Native

Today, cloud-native technologies like serverless and Kubernetes have made it easier to build and run applications at scale. But as we have seen, it has also made achieving observability quite a challenge.

This year, we’d like to further explore the world of cloud-native technologies to learn more about their advancement and discover how they’re changing the way we build applications, their impact on our infrastructure, and finally, their effect on observability.

Of course, it’s hardly the only trend in the industry. We have added some questions on other hot issues and proliferating technologies, such as distributed tracing and security tools, as well as questions on service meshes and edge computing.

We’re looking to go into detail on some of these topics to get a deeper understanding of:

  • Your main challenges in gaining observability into your cloud-native environment
  • Which serverless frameworks you’re using
  • Where you find the most difficulties running Kubernetes in production
  • The implementation of security in your organization
  • The impact of the cloud on your system’s architecture
  • The impact of COVID-19 on your teams and production

And more!

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