Detailed Insight, Right on Time: Introducing Scheduled Alerts Scheduled Alerts customers, here’s some big product news that we think you’ll be excited to hear. Scheduled Alerts, an altogether new manner of alerting, is coming your way.

That’s right, get ready to utilize a whole new world of alerts that weren’t previously available in the platform. By introducing Scheduled Alerts, we are now providing you with a dedicated scheduling mechanism that allows you to select the specific time and frequency parameters that you employ to frame your alert triggers.

For instance, with Scheduled Alerts you can now limit your staging/dev sub-account to alert only during work hours. You can also  create threshold alerts that behave differently during weekdays and weekends. Or, you can specify a specific time to evaluate if a task ran or not – and these are just a few examples, the possibilities to tune your alerting preferences are now truly endless.

To create a Scheduled Alert in the UI, simply create a new alert, and then select “On Schedule” when prompted “When do you want to run the alert?” in step 3. Additional options will then appear on the page. Go ahead and define a cron expression to specify the desired schedule. You can use the cron generator to help you with the syntax. Finally, select the timezone to use when evaluating the alert. FYI, the default timezone is determined based on the involved browser’s settings. 

When setting the cron expression it is also important to note that you can control not only when the alert will be evaluated but also how often it runs. By default, alerts are checked every minute in, but clearly some alerts are better to evaluate hourly or daily, based on their intentions. Here are some examples:

DescriptionCron Syntax
Every hour0 0 * ? * *
Every Sunday at noon0 0 12 ? * SUN
Every month on the nearest Weekday to the 1st of the month, at noon0 0 12 1W * ?

To address unique requirements, you can also continue to evaluate an alert every minute, but only choose to do between certain hours or on certain days, refining the process even further:

DescriptionCron Syntax
Every weekday between 9 am to 5 pm 0 * 9-17 ? * MON-FRI *
The first 12 minutes of every hour0 0-12 * ? * * *

As this is a feature that our customers have been asking us to advance to suit their evolving practices, we are truly excited to release it and can’t wait to discover how they’ll employ it – and we’ll be sharing it with beta users very soon.

Hopefully Scheduled Alerts – which will formally arrive before the end of the year – will either help address your organization’s unique goals or encourage your team to engage new practices that help put a finer point on your observability data. 

We think that it’s a powerful capability – delivered right on schedule.

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