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Cloud monitoring and observability can involve all kinds of stakeholders. From DevOps engineers, to site reliability engineers, to Software Engineers, there are many reasons today’s technical roles would want to see exactly what is happening in production, and why specific events are happening.

However, does that mean you’d want everyone in the company to access all of the data? And should anyone be able to edit alerts, dashboards, or saved searches that could impact other functions and roles?

Of course not.

Some data will only be relevant to specific users, and some users probably shouldn’t be editing mission-critical monitoring dashboards. 

Thats why is announcing Read-Only access control, which will allow Admins to assign specific users ‘Read-Only’ access to data kept in

Read-only users will be able to view and search the data within so they can contribute to monitoring and troubleshooting efforts. However, they won’t be able to edit or save anything that another user could see or use within the app. This includes editing and saving dashboards and visualizations, users, alerts, and saved searches. Read-only users also cannot add new users.

This capability further extends’s Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), which makes it easy for customers to limit user capabilities depending on their role. admins can create and assign users to sub accounts, which allows them to segregate monitoring data by microservice and/or team.

This is essential for security and compliance requirements for some organizations; and it’s more simply convenient for others.

To try out read-only access, simply create a new user in the ‘Manage users’ tab under the ‘Settings’ cogwheel, and select ‘Real Only’ as their role.

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