Today, I’m excited to announce the Open Observability Conference – a virtual event on May 27th at 11:00am EDT providing a platform for learning, sharing and discussion of open source observability technologies for DevOps teams around the globe.

Register for the Open Observability Conference here.

The purpose of the conference is to bring together the best minds in the open source observability ecosystem to discuss technology trends, practical observability strategies, and the place of open source in modern DevOps environments. 

Speakers will include cloud and open source thought leaders like Scott Hanselman, Partner Program Manager at Microsoft; Julius Volz, infrastructure engineer at Prometheus; and Yuri Shkuro, software engineer at Uber. Additionally, expect to hear from creators and contributors of open source observability projects including Jaeger, Zipkin, Skywalking, Grafana, and more. Hear from innovative team leaders who implement open source observability technologies at scale.

Attendees can expect to learn about:

  • The path ahead for open source observability projects and solutions in cloud environments.
  • New and developing distributed tracing technologies from open source communities like Apache and Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).
  • How organizations of all sizes are using technologies like ELK, Prometheus, Grafana, and Jaeger at scale 1) to detect and troubleshoot issues and 2) answer questions within their production environments.

If you’re a DevOps practitioner, open source enthusiast, or just hoping to learn something new about observability, we welcome you to join us for this engaging virtual event. 

In addition to attending the event, participants will have access to a Slack group to contribute to the conversation, ask questions about sessions, network, and engage in post-event forums. Please use the Hashtag #OpenObservabilityConf to spread the word on social media.

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